Sunday, July 05, 2009

MIF09 Procession: Not Smoking May Damage Your GSOH

Off to see Procession.

From Turner Prize winning Jezzer Deller.

Previewed by LOL right here.

Inevitably the Corporation, or perhaps strictly speaking the NHS Smoke Free GM in the shape of Minister for Fun Cllr Pat Karney (right, "cross"-dressed as an undertaker) didn't seem to get it.

But there has been a compromise with the "Unrepentent Smokers" element of the march to get a topical second banner: Smirking About Smoking May Damage Your Grant. Or something like that.

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Anonymous said...

9 years ago (it co-incided with the Mens' Final at Wimbledon) I gave up smoking.

I had smoked for over 20 years. Towards the end 30 a day. 40 when I was really bored.

I decided to pack in when my father underwent surgery for lung cancer. He was one of the 10% lucky ones who could be operated on, rather than face chemotherapy.

9 years on, he's still with us and, like a true hypocrite, I hate the smell of cigarettes.

For anyone who is interested, look up "The Easy Way to Give Up Smoking" by Allen Carr on Amazon.