Monday, July 20, 2009

Radio Five Live Exclusive: Mister Damian McBride Regrets ...

Radio Five Live's Victoria Derbyshire (from 10.00AM) has Damian McBride's first interview since he crashed and burned. Pre-recorded, with soundbites trailed on other BBC outlets.

If you have the right version of Flash you can listen here. Perhaps we'll hear how the alleged Nadine Dorries law suit against Damian, and Gordon, and perhaps she'll have roped in their ultimate employer Betty Windsor too, is getting on? Or perhaps Nads - who had absolutely no need to out herself as a Red Rag Squidgy Gate email mentionee - was simply lying?

FOOTNOTE: The fact that George Osborne offered "soundbite banking" this morning may raise a few eyebrows, or get some nods of recognition.

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