Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tory Impression Management: Heffer Cowed By Coulson?

"David Cameron V Simon Heffer" is the billing over at Paul Burgin's Mars Hill blog, but in truth
Heffer's broadside, HERE, and any number of Conservative Home commenters agreeing, could almost be part of a carefully choreographed "Heir to Blair" effort. Is part of, etc.

Heffer essentially says that he wants the Tories to win, and expects them to, but he says he's not happy. "Cameron is not a real Conservative" is the rhetoric. Translation: Nothing to be scared of.

It may have been Routledge, or Maguire, or that twisted fool Jenkins, or Foot PBUH, or all the above who once said "Blair is not a real Socialist". Translation: Nothing to be scared of.

This actually fairly accurate appraisal helped Blair and New Labour no end. Wooing the 500,000 swingers in the swing seats.

There have been Labour moments, and a general direction of travel which could be way worse, a certain amount of collateral redistribution, the minimum wage, minimum income guarantee, humungous investment in education and health ... we've also had towering economic competence, exceptional crisis management, regressive tax to give the rich a lift, and who could forget those great military adventures on GW Bush's coat tails?

Same difference? No, no, no! Call me Dave Cameron is a proper heredi-tory Conservative. George Osborne is worse. And so on and so forth.

Whereas old stager Tony Booth managed something approaching in vino veritas, many a truth spoken in jest, wise-cracking that "Cherie is marrying a Conservative" there is no evidence of any equivalent incident.

Can you assist? Did Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet (left) or William Waldorf Astor, 4th Viscount Astor once opine that "Samantha is marrying a Trot"?

Whether the Heff is in on this impression management or not is moot.

Is Slippery Simon saying one thing when he means another?

Or is Simple Simon being used and abused by that clever turn-a-blind-eyer Andy "Milking Amnesia" Coulson?

HERE'S THE MAIL: Failing to bottom out the claim that Cam-Sam are worth £30 million plus. They seem to have missed both the real Cam royal connection - according to Wikipedia which must be correct - and also skated over the Sheffield pere divorce.


Anonymous said...

Problem with the Tories is too many twits make a party full of twats. Oops sorry chaps, I don't normally swear. How remiss of me

Dirty Euro said...

I think the tory leader needs to sharpen his language up.
As well as the twats throw in a few pricks, dicks, gits, and shits, the tory party have a new speech for their leader, spec things up a bit, to get some headlines.

Chris Paul said...

Would you be Gordon Brown anon 12:59? If so you should get out there and start "swearing".

As my daddy told me many a time, a twat is a 'pregnant' fish, usually goldfish, to be more accurate a goldfish carrying eggs, as they don't technically get pregnant, most of them, just male seahorses.

The PC pedants who want to make "twat" of ruder origins seem to fall on this pregnant/egg-carrying discrepancy to claim it untrue.

Chris Paul said...

Think Basildon man Coulson must have been coaching Cam for ages Dirty Euro. But he rather muffed his lines, almost choked on it. The upper workingclassishness of it all.

"Hang it all Coulio, must I? That's not a word one uses. Not this side of the tracks."

Harry Barnes said...

Labour : What Is To Be Done? See -

Chris Paul said...

Click through: