Monday, August 03, 2009

Rainman Hacker McKinnon: Has Peter Hain Changed His Mind?

Didn't see Question Time last week. But gloss of the proceedings suggested that Peter Hain was seriously out-numbered in basically supporting the McKinnon extradition. Now the BBC have him preferring a UK trial. So has Mr Hain changed his mind or has some journalist, at The Daily Mail or even the BBC, misinterpreted his statements? Probably not. Here it is again in The Daily Telegraph. Or perhaps it was the not so trusty glosser that got it wrong? Hoon was the last Labour Minister on QT for starters ... BBC iPlayer. And I saw that one.

MYSTERY SOLVED 19:05: Gloss was good. It was Any Questions on Radio 4. With Comrade P Hain shown the light by Commissar D Green and Sister T Gold. BBC iPlayer, again.

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