Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nutty Boys @Rochdale RAW: More Nutty Slack 4 Bananas Paul

Those nutty boys at Rochdale RAW seem to have it in for PR Paul "Bananas" Rowen. He's not clinically bananas, or even clinically crackers, but you have to be colloquially crackers and bananas to work for him, or at least it helps!


Rochdale Rapper said...

Liverpool had the superlambanana.

Rochdale just has an MP who couldn't cough up 40p of his own cash for some fruit for his unpaid intern.

Chris Paul said...

Or even the gumption to use the various petty cash or food money that he claimed without receipts.

East Lancs Grand Master Flash said...

but what has Charles Edward Lord got from his friendship and decalred "employment" in Paul Rowen's Westminster office?