Monday, August 03, 2009

Tackling Tory -Isms: Give Us Ground Zero Or Accept Tinkering

Further to Iain Dale's lame attack on Harriet we have shrill Shane Greer getting lamer still. Taking his red ink cue from Guido perhaps he squeals:

Harman’s latest crusade is an insult to women, and in particular an insult to the memories of those women who fought and won equality for their gender based on a very simple idea, merit.

What complete and utter tummy rot from yet another relatively merit-less Tory squeal-baby. Harman's proposal, which Shane wrongly describes as "her latest campaign", it's not, it's a long game, is about tackling decades nay centuries of negative discrimination. Negative discrimination that totally twatty Tories like Shane Greer are in complete denial about.

We don’t have another 50 years to wait for all the male bedblockers and their feisty-for-him-even-when-scorned-and-cheated loyal wifies to drop dead. Ditto white, straight, upper class, born rich. For institutional and societal -isms of all kinds to be laughed out of town.

If we were clearing the decks in every elected office, every institution, every public service and if you like re-advertising with a blank sheet to begin with and with former incumbents barred from interfering and choosing successors then merit might well come to the fore.

Fairly quickly. Hegemonic groups would still have some advantage. But it would be greatly reduced by not having bums on seats, and not bossing selection.

Had merit already run free as These Totally Twatty Boy Tories like Greer and Dale and Blaney and Hendren* would have it then 51% of our parliamentarians, and 51% of our councillors, and 51% of our boardrooms, and 51% of all office and power would surely be in the hands of women? Unless that is these TTTBTs are suggesting that "on merit" 15% and less is your lot?

Merit clearly needs a helping hand. And in giving merit a helping hand we instantly increase the selection gene pool, provide an example for others, smash a log jam of pathetic conservative excuses, including the con-fem bravado, and what’s more advance meritocracy AND equality AND the absolute standard of those in public life.

Labour should hang the ridiculous Cam Twat Tories out to dry on this one. Tories are denying inequality, and Tories are denying the causes of inequality, and Tories are denying the means to address inequality. Pah-bloody-twatty-thetic.

FOOTNOTE: Penny Red, aka Laurie Penny is absolutely correct to say: Harriet Harman's idea that men cannot run things without women is misandrist and untrue, except that that is not really Harriet's idea now is it Laurie? As, to be fair, you go on to discuss. Just a soundbite for an engaging headline-come-linkbait?

No homogenous group can run things as well on their own as they would with heterogenity. Whether this is the nations' boardrooms say of casino banks or the corridors of political power this is the case.

Only utter fools would argue that selecting for any office or power from 10% of the population - let's say white, middle-class, male for argument's sake - was either "meritocracy" or optimal for the exercise of that office or power.

Or perhaps "utter fools" would not quite be alone in this? Perhaps someone quite clever, but not very clever, who feared for their current and future position would be driven to make the same pathetic arguments? Eh Shane? Eh Iain? Eh Donal?

UPDATE 13:40: *To be fair Phil Hendren aka Dizy Thinks was missed off this final list because he does admit that women get the shitty end, stick wise.
It would be too much fairness to exclude Donal Blaney, who has not even posted on this matter. But has a jolly good story about the odious creep Lord Taylor of Warwick claiming for a homestead which quite simply does not exist. Next they'll be telling us his peculiar hair "cut" is painted on to his bald bonce.

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