Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chris Davies MEP: More Bleeping Swivel Eyed Ranting

The whole of Chris Davies' rant to the Lib Dem conference yesterday. My oh my there could be some embarrassment for the Liberal Democrats over this! As discussed yesterday. Chris Davies MEP DOES own up to his diversion of travel expenses to party political donations. Chris Davies MEP DOES make it clear that he pays a good deal of rent and so on on premises shared with the regional office of his cash-strapped party. And Chris Davies MEP DOES list the workers he pays and their salary ranges. Even if some of them may later turn up in the courts for this and that and the other he doesn't hide his arrangements.

This may be why he is said to be not very fond at all of the disgraceful Sir Cyril Smith MBE and the less than transparent PR Paul Rowen MP.

Rowen's deflections over bananas are not fooling anyone. Tell us about your rental arrangements. Tell us about the tithe you pay. Tell us about the Town Hall tithes driving councillors to defect. Tell us why there are no accounts. Tell us why there are few recorded donations ... but money slushing about. Tell us about TV Services £9.99. And the rest.

Come on Paul Rowen! Do as the saintly Chris Davies MEP suggests. Tell us all about your arrangements. How you have come by more than £1 million of tax payers' money and how you have gone on to spend that money.

And yes, those Corinya and other links too. Tell us everything.

STOP PRESS: The Parliamentary authorities have finally revealed to LOL, following a FOIA request, that Paul Rowen has had FOUR items he tried to claim knocked back. The first two of these in 05-06 and 06-07 add up to around £2000 and one of them is documented, albeit in redacted form. The two later try-ons in 07-08 are not quantified but we do know that whatever amount they were for they were thrown out as impermissible types of expenditure. PR expenditure by the look of it. More anon.

Still waiting for FOIA disclosures from Rochdale MBC related to the child abuse, child sex and child prostitution hell hole that was Knowl View. More anon on that too.


S.Poof & Co, PR consultants said...

We hereby declare that our client, Lord Charles Edward JP BA(I ain't gittin on no plane)Hons no longer has anything much to do with that Paul Rowen MP.

It was fun while it lasted but they both need to move on and explore new opportunities.

He will hand his Parliamentary pass back to the current MP for Rochdale and swap any relevant bank account details over. Office stationary such as brown envelopes will be returned.

Media interviews with Lord Edward Charles (subject to editorial control) can be arranged via his new PR agent.

Terry Mason Car Sales said...

what is Chris Davies talking about?

Paul Rowen doesn't drive a BMW.

Chris Paul said...

All sounds very sad. Charlie Poly - your man for a smear - no mates? Apart from Paul Rowen.

And no people, Rowen's £2000 that got the bum's rush was NOT 200 instances of £9.99 TV Services.

Anonymous said...

In a short 1 minute 36 second speech excerpt Chris Davies says "I" over 25 times.

Napoleon Complex?

Alan Taylor Esq - Retail Fruiterer said...

200 x £9.99 (for hotel TV Porn) = £198

that leaves £2 to claim for a box of Kleenex

Anonymous said...

There are legendary accounts of Freddie Mercury's orgies with dwarves walking round with trays of coke on their head for people to sniff fat lines from.

Where could a dwarf with a fat line of coke find employment nowadays?

Julian Ware-Lane said...

As a bastard can I object to the 'dity thieving' tag?

Chris Paul said...

"Dity thieving"? do you mean "ditty thieving"? are you the dirty devil who has stolen all the best tunes?

And that should be £1998 for the TV porn that Paul Rowen DID NOT try to claim on his dirty bastard thieving bastard cheating bastard expenses.

£2 would be the balance. But what are the schools of Rochdale coming to these days. 150 sheets of "man size" two ply are not going to be adequate for all that tax payer financed porn.

Then again £2000 is a rounded figure, and is NOT repeat NOT for MP Porn.

Anonymous said...

A rounded figure like Sir Cyril Bastard ? And only here for the beer Paul Bastard Rowen?

Hercule Poirot said...

Anonymous 14:40 ... 'ave you been talking to the phone tapping narcotics sergeant responsible for Rochdale's how you say frontline Drake Street beat? White lines don't do it mon petit. Makes you real stupid. But you don't even realise. Hokey cokey!

Frank said...

Dave H is more a Pepsi man anyway nowadays. With lashings of rum.

None of those Amy Winehouse shenanigans for a wee man not paid out of Parliamentary expenses. He a Rochdale Reformed exemplar of clean living. Nay, whiter than white (no pun intended to the older "KKK wing" of the Rochdale Lib Dems - as opposed to Cyril's "B-Wing").

All in all Dave is now more shitstorm than snowstorm.

A very WKD young man.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find it's rum and coke that floats his boat.

Winston Churchill said...

You missed sodomy and the lash.

Dirty cheating Lord of the Ring said...

what grown men do behind connecting (142a-144)locked doors is a private matter - even if it is funded by the taxpayer.

Private matters should stay that way.

Unlike public matters such as election leaflets that show a single candidate with a woman and children to give the impression -especially in asian areas - that he is a settled family man.

Then there is the curious matter of the precious wedding ring.

As Tolkein warned, power creates an inner obsession that can lead to corruption and being a dirty cheating B***** (banana).

tanned and botoxed said...

Drug and financial woes?

Turn to scary weirdo Lib Dem "lifecoaches" Nik and Eva Speakman (Lord and Lady- and former moneylenders -"Speakman Financial Services").

They will fire up the DeLorean and help you feel grateful as they relax in their haunted hall.

They performed magic on Cyril Smith's 80th birthday bash.

They have recently worked wonders for Kerry Katona

They may look scary but give them a try- what have you got to lose?

Chris Paul said...

Eh? Nik and Eva "Back to the Future" De Lorean sorry Speakman are indeed an interesting case of East Lancs permatan, big hair, rictus, and psychobabble ... but what has that got to do with MPs expenses, MPs donations, sleaze, thievery, cheating and Chris Davies' anger management issues?

- Are they Lib Dem members?
- Are they Lib Dem donors?
- Do they have ambitions themselves for high office?
- Do they have property interests in the town?
- Or for that matter in Uganda?

How about Kerry Katona? She appears to be muddled and addled enough .. but is she too a Lib Dem?

Chris Paul said...

PS Dirty cheating etc 07:39 ... what the hell are you on about?

Rochdale Eye said...

Press reports state Nik and Eva Speakman have been giving poor Kerry Katona the DeLorean treatment.

Didn't look like the NLP Back to the Future ride worked seeing as the troubled celebrity has been on a Blackpool kebeb and coke bender and lost her Iceland ad contract.

So, the DeLorean magic might not work on kebab and coke bingers.

Any Lib Dem connections?

Lord and Lady Speakman made their DeLorean available for Cyril Smith's 80th bash. Dave Hennighan used to have a photo of himself in the dodgy stainless steel tub on Facebook (next to one of him brandishing a knife).

The Speakman's had a lot of luck a couple of years ago with troublesome planning matters (6 foot waney lap fencing magically now allowed in a Conservation Area beside their 13th century abode (formerly a Beefeater/Harvester type pub before acquired by the mystery former moneylender). Then there is the planning permission obtained in the grounds of his Stubley Hall for a new dwelling. Who are local Pennine Councillors? Do they include Rochdale Online's Keith Swift and Jean Jeanie Ashworth? Plus the weird lord of the manor has also named the drive to his pile "Speakman Lane". What is it with Rochdale- does the water create bonkers businessmen with delusions of grandeur? (see Gregory Couzens and Malcolm Porn-Again Journeaux as more examples).

The Speakmans and the DeLorean turned up at last year's weird Peace Parade UK- organised by odd fellow John Farrington of Sleepwalker Films and recipient of a lot of Paul Rowen MP's Parliamentary Communication Allowance cash. The white Range Rover of Peace is sponsored by Terry Mason Car Sales, noted Lib Dem philanthopist and purveyor of Paul Rowen's motors.

Porn, booze, coke, brown envelopes, cheese pies, De Loreans, spanking and a local Establisment suppression of historic child abuse - lucky Rochdale has it all.