Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conference Speech: LOL Will Be Tweeting Gordon Live

Will be tweeting the speech from http://www.communitas.eu.ltd stand in exhibition. You can follow me at http://twitter.com/chrispLOL. Sarah Brown is starting things off with a bravura performance.


benchilltory said...

workhouses for fallen women
whatever next

Jimmy said...

"whatever next"

Tories pretending to give a toss?

Chris Paul said...

The actual proposal was for a safety net for those (minority of)single mums who would otherwise be in desperate, isolated, piss poor council accommodation. Ones who have no family support, perhaps chucked out of parents' house, no baby father on scene and so on. Cf Rochdale MBC under Lib Dems, as featured on recent TV doc featuring three isolated mums. In which case it's not such a bad idea really now is it?

benchilltory said...


Citizen Smith said...

only for reactionary Etonites and inverted snob grammar school types.

benchilltory said...

Mr Paul.
the sort of safety net you describe already exists today,there are plenty of mother and baby units around.
As will all the things Brown says the devil is in the detail and we will have to wait and see what he is actually proposing, but given his socialism it mat have an element of compulsion in it.
Given Browns habit of pinching things from the BNP (BJFBW) lets hope he is not going to copy their policy in full- 9pm curfews and dresses to be one inch below the knee! break any rules and you will be put in prison!!!

Anonymous said...

9pm curfews would be a good idea.
As for the dress Benchill, whatever floats your boat!!!

Anonymous said...

lol sarah brown's intro was one of the most vomit inducing pieces of political desperation I've ever seen.

She was all but pleading for votes.

desperate, shallow, pathetic.