Saturday, September 12, 2009

David Cameron: I'll get My COAT, Tory Mosque Blockers

Krishnan GM tweeted last afternoon that Channel4'd not be providing their theory on Kerren Brown's Lottery Prediction on the 7pm show as there was "too much news" - ho ho ho. But they did cover delightful scenes in Harrow. You can catch up and watch the report right here or indeed above. The English Defence League (TED-L?), and a group calling itself Stop the Islamization of Europe (STIE?), were protesting ahead of the completion of Harrow's new mosque. Great little interview in there. "There's no group. We're not part of any political group. In fact I'm a Tory" said one North West Londoner. Or thereabouts. Wonder if this one stuck in his papers to Dave Cameron's famed "I'll get my COAT" initiative.

We're pretty sure he will have done. Looks just the Tory PPC type. Along with Malcolm "Porno" Journeaux - proprietor, playboy "millionaire", air wankarist and mucky photographer - whose friends are even now bigging him up to be the Tory PPC in Rochdale.

As if the town isn't in enough trouble with Porno's paymaster PR Paul Rowen! "Over my dead body" said one old soldier. Which could be a bonus.

COAT? you're wondering. Don't you mean GOAT? That's Government Of All t'Talents, even Digby the Biggest Dog in the World. Nope, COAT I said and COAT I meant. Conservatives Oiks And Twats. Brilliant! Scroll to around 45 seconds, watch and wonder.


Get behind thee Satan said...

how much has Malcolm spent on his new photography hobby?

Could it cost him his marriage?

What about those wedding vows made before God?

Pursuing the Porn Again route of Be-elzibub's digital perversion is a sure way to go to hell.

Sad men that lie about their age and compensate with ten grand bentleys and lens extensions should know better if they want to stand for Parliament.

Obviously if Malcolm were to become a pubic figure then he would be subject to the odd probe.

But a clean living, godfearing man like Malcom should be Ok.

MJX Pornography said...

There have been reports over the weekend of a pervert hiding in the bushes around the Broadfield Hotel near the park and childrens swings taking furtive photographs of young brunettes.

He was described as "funny looking" with "long greasy hair". he was making strange gurgling noises and slavering whilst snapping away behind a bush.

Standard police advice is not to approach such strange-looking men in public.

As for what they do in the privacy of their own darkrooms, there have been accounts of pervy weirdos cropping men out of photographs so that there is less threat from the competition.

What sort of sad world do these grubby little men inhabit? Deluded "Millionare" badboys paying for young moddles to strip for them with kinky poses? Photos of flashing at Rochdale Station or what looks like going for a shit in the snowy woods?

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "enjoy yourself" with a new hobby.

What would jesus do?

Billionare Badboy said...

Malcolm on his own in a darkroom? Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "digital manipulation".

When squatting in a bush polishing his lens didn't the Born Again Pervert remember those commandments from the good book

Thou shalt not covert thy neignbours wife's ass.