Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Iain Dale: Parliamentary Labour Party Blogging Treasure

We have often suggested that Iain Dale is the Parliamentary Labour Party's Favourite Tory Boy Blogger. He has now published some albeit rather hooky data apparently confirming our analysis. Having said that, this "breaking news" is about four months old and LOL cannot find a trace of the survey on the ComRes home page. Not their proudest day perhaps?

Iain's coverage of the massively overdue change in emphasis of Mr Alan Duncan's hobby of being a thoroughly part-time modern Tory politician HERE is just the kind of thing that earns him his loyal Labour following.

Duncan is an oily bastard. Funny at times. But an oily, erratic, maverick, money grubbing bastard. The juxtaposition of his HIGNFY appearance and his contribution to common or garden tractor production, on the taxpayer, was months ago. He should have been defenestrated at that point.

And his complete stupidity in inviting a lawn wrecker to tea and then mouthing off a good few weeks ago. Defenestration becomes unavoidable you'd have thought. Iain suggests that a rather meaningless demotion to prisons shadow will leave "proud" Duncan "gutted" and that it shows Cameron's "ruthlessness".

LOL think it will leave "piss taking ten jobs shit gob" Duncan "delighted" and shows Cameron's "pathetic dithering". Albeit with an atrocious shallow and inbred gene pool at his disposal, cramping his lily livered style. Duncan will be delighted we feel, because, as a non-Shadow Cabinet Mimicster he will be less or not at all bound by Cam's ridiculous ruling that top Tory troughers will need to give up their DAY JOBS if they are to continue with their dilettante pastime as politicians.

In Duncan's case his day job is in fact getting paid gazillions to do shady oil deals with, we presume, the sheiks, oligarchs, despots, and the embargoed, mostly in pretty shabby circumstances even by the standards of oil deals with sheiks, oligarchs etc. The latest variety of this day job being a paid role he only actual took up when he was shadowing business and energy or some such apparently excruciatingly compromising conflict of interest.

That being with some famous sanction busting types, related closely to people that had made donations to his office that he hadn't seen fit to declare properly. Cosy. And a nice little earner.

Along similar lines you might think to George Osborne's failure to declare Rothschild donations properly, the kind of thing that had the Tories and the churnalists they feed twisting non sequitors into some kind of redemptive "within the rules" clap trap that certainly would not have passed muster now public rage on donations and allowances has been so very very recalibrated.

To the extent where buying a banana (40p) for an intern requires a seven paragraph rebuttal by a hopeless MP who also submitted a receipt for TV Services (£9.99). But that's a long story that is. Some other time.

GOOD INTENTIONS: Plan is to come back and put all the links in to the back story. You can perhaps use site search in the meantime.

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Anonymous said...

What was the £9.99 a "TV services" claimed by Paul Rowen?

Probably most unlikely to have been a bloke dressed as a woman. Sky TV don't charge that for the cricket.

Probably just some good clean porn. Or boxing. Both could involve fisting.