Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lib Dem PPC: Hilarity Ensues Over Sub Machine Gun "Joke"

Apparently the Lib Dems have been bragging today that they are poised to take seats in Manchester and Liverpool. I'm wondering if they had Bootle in mind? And also perhaps a paramilitary approach to winning the turf from the people's party.

The deluded party of the apolitical counsel of despair, the champions of free speech who call the police when faced by good humoured protests themselves, and the franchise of liberty liberty liberty - though this word has scarcely been uttered this week - have a hilarious japester and solicitor as their Bootle PPC.

James Murray - a possible recruit for the Beverage Group I'd have thought, like the dirty smear merchant Hennigan (right) and his TV Services (£9.99) enjoying boss Paul "Only Here For The Beer" Rowen - pretended he had a semi-automatic weapon and ran away from security. Hilarious. SUN exclusive:

A WOULD-be MP faced calls to quit last night after sparking a terror alert at the Lib Dem conference.

James Murray jokingly told a security guard searching his bag he had a semi automatic gun slung over his shoulder - and then sprinted off.

The Merseyside solicitor, in his 50s and fighting Labour-held Bootle at the next election, has now been barred from attending the rest of the rally at Bournemouth.

But leader Nick Clegg has refused to drop him as a party candidate.


Another delegate said: "I don't see how we can allow such an idiot to stand under our banner at an election."


Anonymous said...

Q: Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

A: No, its a small bottle of beer.

Independent said...

From today's Indy:

Washed up

Sad scenes on Bournemouth seafront, where a whale was beached overnight. It reminded veteran conference-goers of the good old days when "Big Cyril" Smith rolled into town.

Get Real said...

on the suject of guns, Malcolm Porn-O on Rowen Online is doing a good job of shooting himself in the foot.

An ordinary guy joins the forum to be positive about improving the prospects of Rochdale Town Centre. The brave town centre trader refuses to 'diss the Rochdale Observer and their "shop local" campaign. In response, Malcolm goes bonkers and fires off a manic set of posts. As he sits in bed just wearing a pair of red silk underpants, with too much time on his hands. He invents alter egos to comment on the Rochdale Online forum and fires rabid emails off willy nilly.

Half a dozen dosile forum friends who agree with Porno-O won't pay the bills at Rochdale Online.

Time to crank up the advertising drive or sell some mucky photos Malcolm.

Yeah! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

RO Forum said...

Is Malcolm Porn-O firing blanks?

Or is all the kerfuffle with his "news" and "forum" a last swan song to drum up business or last ditch attempt to settle some old scores?

All this carefully drawn out but fabricated scandal appears rather half-cock.

dodging Malcolm's balls said...

Looks like Malcolm Porn-O is losing it. he has locked Heywood Parish Priest Paul Daly from contributing to the forum.

And he is spitting his dummy out at another Paul- Rochdale town centre businessman Mr Turner-Mitchell.

Malcolm is acting like White Goodman - the Global Gym bully in the film Dodgeball.

Chris Paul said...

Too many cultural references already. Dodgeball? As played by the cockier apprentices staying at Cyril's Smith's Cambridge House home for young ne'er do wells?

Chris Paul said...

That Indy beached whale Cyril link.

Hilary Stephenson - Lib Dem Campaign and Compliance Chief said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

Someone purporting to be Hilary Stephenson - Lib Dem Campaigns and Compliance Chief posted the following comment but her "link" was to and has crashed my browser several times now. Seems to be a pop band, not a serious politician looking to busted Lib DEm sleaze:

You say:

"I don't see how we can allow such an idiot to stand under our banner at an election."

I say:

"These are exactly the sort of idiots we seek as Lib Dem PPCs and ultimately MPs. Clowns and numbskulls mirroring the loonie British public. But no Blacks, few women mind. Just raving, beer swilling middle aged white men if you please."

So that's what the deletion is above. Visted Busted at your own risk.