Monday, September 28, 2009

Political Arithmetic: David Ottewell Catches Labour Demonising

Good spot, well a fairly good spot, from David Ottewell, chief reporter of the Manchester Evening News, on his blog.

I'm sure he'll track this through the week, and repeat the exercise next week in Manchester. He could run a few of the Tory blogs through his count too and see how much they are repeating his search terms. And he might try some comparative arithmetic with other conferences immediately before election time.

Name checking opponents, directly by their names, is down in the standard playbook as a complete NO NO. However when it is a case of identifying Cameron and Osborne and the whole sick Con crew with Beelzebub then repetition is no bad thing. The reason by the way that I say it's a fairly good spot is that there is plenty of use of "we" and "I" and "us" and "our". These are pronouns and they are of course shorthand for "labour" and so on:

Who is this conference all about?
I thought it only fair to test my suspicion that this conference has got as much - if not more - to do with the Conservatives than Labour.
I've done a text-search on three speeches by cabinet ministers today - Lord Mandelson, Alistair Darling, and Yvette Cooper.
Between them, they mentioned "Labour" a total of 14 times.
They said "Conservative", "Tory" or "Tories" a total of 53 times.
The three ministers mentioned "Gordon Brown" six times.
They mentioned David Cameron 11 times.

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