Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sun Says: Sun Are a Sick Joke, Sky's Debate is Toast

Manchester blogger Stephen Newton has posted the basics on the Sun's newsgrab. Labour won't miss the Sun is his message.

Eric Pickles was interviewed on BBC News channel early doors and revealed how he had "shared a special moment" with Andy Amnesia Coulson when the latter had rung Fatty P with the glad tidings. Followed up by the BBC wallah Pickles claimed that (a) he hadn't known this was in the offing; (b) that no champagne corks were popped; and (c) that he'd brewed a fresh pot of tea and cracked open a packet of jammy dodgers. This being what passes for a special moment in the modern Tory party.

In fact he looked, did Eric, like he'd been up all night. On the razz. Pasty and utterly untrustworthy. But Stephen is right. This choice from the Sun makes them even more of a joke as a news organisation than they had already become. Their editorial arguments are absolutely puny. As transparent and indeed absent as David Cameron's new clothes. Basically they're betting on the winner. And too far out at that. And they have never been good friends of Labour.

This of course means that they are no friends of their own readers.

Which of these would have benefited if the NHS and schools had been slowtracked? No Sure Start and Nursery Places? If there were no National Minimum Wage? No boost to pensioner income? No banks rescue? No investment in economic recovery?

Which of these will benefit from RyanCouncil? RyanHealthService? RyanSchools? Not even EasyCouncil and so on. On Ryan Air customers are expected to pay extras for basics. That will be the Tory way of rushing the books back towards baalnce. They will squeeze local government. They will squeeze rescue measures, New Deal, employment support, the third sector and so on and so forth.

How can the Sun back a party that will attack their own readers?

The idea of taking part in a Leaders Debate on Murdoch's tabloid cable channel Sky News is now surely completely off the cards? Yes to a debate on BBC, yes on Channel, but on Sky? No! This is the Sun of the airwaves.


Rob said...

Good enough to fight the next election, but not good enough to win it! Failed to tell the country where the money for his lavish promises would come from. Lack of any acknowledgement that serious cuts in public spending are needed. Maybe leading the party but certainly not the country. Last throw of the dice. Just some of the ideas out there about our beleaguered and embattled PM. More of my thoughts here.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I find it rather funny that Labour politicians are being so dismissive of The Sun (now that it no longer supports Labour) I wonder just how much influence any newspaper has over the electorate.

With the percentage of eligible adults who bother to vote falling with each election, it's fair to say that it's only those who have a greater than average interest in politics who bother to vote.

And a great many of them will be onliine, will read a variety of news sources online etc.

Perhaps the days of newspaper barons telling their readers how to vote are coming to an end?

benchilltory said...

like a dumped lover your lot seem to be quite bitter by this

Anonymous said...

The Sun does have power and there is no pointin denying that.

The real question should be about the abuse of such power. Master Murdock has been throwing his weight around attacking the BBC, the Licence Fee and other matters that affect the revenue stream of the Murdock media empire.

I was always uncomforable with a media conglomarate that controls such quality news as the Fox Network, Star Asia and the Sun.

George Goo Osbourne's trip on the Murdock Yacht could be paying off.

In the cold light of day, does the electorate want Britian to be run by a bunch of Eton boys who don't give a fig for ordinary people?

Anonymous said...

At least they don't get their wives to fight their battles for them and Peter Mandelson to prop them up.
How pathetic was that?

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous 09:52 --> You what? The Sun don't get their wives in on the job? Is it one of Desmond's publications Readers' Wives section you're thinking of.

BTW Watch and wait for Sam Airhead Cameron to be wheeled out at TPC. Not sure she would be capable of doing one tenth of what @SarahBrown10 achieves backing GB in both senses and also backing good, social, initiatives.

Mandy is a National Treasure. You leave him alone. If I can, you can.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the BAE fiasco. Gordon Brown backed Clare Short in her opposition to the sale of a useless military air control system to Tanzania. Backed her right up to the moment he had to face Tony Blair at a meeting, then he sent a junior minister to nod it through.
You can Gordon Brown pie at Tesco now. It's mostly chicken.