Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beau Bo D'Or: One BNP Sicko Griffin and Sick on Blair-Berlusconi

Beau Bo D'Or is on fire following this one (above) with
this one here (far right).

Those of nervous disposition SHOULD NOT peruse this one licking his sick lips over the latest episode in that bizarre Blair-Berlusconi coupling.

Won't have it on my computer. Do not encourage Beau by looking at this filth.


Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Brilliant! Benny Austwick has a new word. And he can't help himself.

Chris Paul said...

Got to delete it, sorry chums.

Get Real said...

if you want your racism a tad milder, get yourself off to Malcolm Porn-O limp organ Rowen (sic) Online...

a cheeky little "news" report that has a touch of the Bernard (Cyril for PM) Manning about it...

Wok and Roll.

Hilarious, geddit??? Chinese- they have trouble with their "R's" so it takes an arse to come up with a demeaning culturally insenstive headline about a charidee event with Rochdale Online salesman Mayor Keith Swift.

Looking a t the photos with Cllr Crooner with his "Jonathan Swift/ Fran Sinatra lookalike garb on AND the mayoral chain - isn't this a tad dodgy? Commercialism? The paid work that he does as crooning Jonathan Swift could be hellped with some photos of him with the civic bling on?

Is he bringing the mayorality into disripute? And not just with the caterwauling and petty racism?

Rochdale Rapper said...

Ah, the Rochdale Lib Dems. What an interesting bunch.

The older ones like Norman Smith, Ted Flynn, Babs Todd who openly disrespect "asians" with muttering certain racist words under their breath.

Friends of Cllr Jean Jeanie whose mate Linda mate a right nasty charly of herself when canvassing by suggesting a voter didn't want to vote for a p*ki.

Younger Lib Dems like "community cohesion" advisor Mo Shafiq who together with various loons from MPAUK have openly berated "zionists" Israel and "The Jews" and "usuary" in overtly disciminatory tones.

Several Central Rochdale Lib Dem Councillors who don't like "homosexuals" and think women should "know their place".

Cllr Cricket and Paul Rowen MP with their quiet but forceful distain of "protestants"?

"Respectable" Freemasons like Peter Evans who keep quiet about Cyril Smith but don't get on with "others" in his party.

Oddballs like elusive Cllr Elwyn Watkins who works for a "mystery" Saudi sheik. Odd goings on by pandering to the "white working class" vote in Oldham and with his other face bashing Phil Woolas over immigration.

Obviously not the out and out fascists of the BNP but still a very worrying bunch that are currently running Rochdale (into the ground).

Anonymous said...

I wondered why the BNP didn't do much in Rochdale. They simply can't compete with the rightwing oddball Lib Dems there.

Griff Rowen said...

Rochdale Lib Dems - whining here in Rochdale.

whining about immigration, "gypsies",St Georges Flag...