Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hope Not Hate: Nick Griffin Ain't Right in the Head

Here's a link to the pic on it's Twitpic homepage with code to use a strangely cropped thumbnail of it. You can also join 6,000 who have sent letters celebrating diversity or berating Fascist Nick HERE (HnH). You can still join the Not In My Name signatories (HnH). You may even wish to join Tonight's Demonstration (UAF). And finally this video is taken from the excellent Nothing British Operation Stolen Valour campaign.


Anonymous said...

Chris - how about photoshopping a bold picture of Dave Ca-moron in the artistic style of the Obama poster?

And the heading "DOPE"

(Not a reference to those Eton reefers)

get real said...

Unless it has already been done?