Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's Time: Time Lib Dem Shenanigans Were Publicised

Clearly when it came to the great allowances caper back in the summer the plaudits and awards were pretty evenly splt between the parties. Not just between Tories and Labour either. Proportionally the smaller parties also pulled their weight though you'd perhaps not realise it from the weight of the coverage.

The way The Telegraph played it, and the rest of the Mainstream Media (MSM) followed it was Labour first, numerically greatest, and most significant, being in government. Then Tories. Then Libs, SNP, Sinn fein and so on.

Having said that the Lib Dems, who we have to admit have a sound practice on London constituencies that helped keep their feeble elected representatives out of two homes trouble, though not all the unelected ones, they did miraculously escape with little obvious reputational damage. Their foibles were overshadowed. And statistically there were fewer of them, and mostly pretty anonymous at that.

As anyone who has examined any of their returns knows this "whiter than white" reputation couldn't be further from the truthful situation. They are mostly "at it". Where "at it" means pushing the envelope of life. But whereas the Tories prop up their aristo- millionaire lifestyle and the Socialists play catch up the Lib Dems have largely gone the delayed gratification route.

Laundering and farming money out of public coffers of various kinds into party coffers and onwards from there to produce an unending stream of smudgy party political literature. Delayed gratification because this is their way of surviving, passing GO! and picking up around another million pounds.

There should be a law against it. Possibly there is. Possibly what they get up to is "within the rules". Though that is moot.

Finally, last week, the Telegraph rather sneaked out an exposé of the Lib Dem sleazers handbook, with Campaigns Director Hilary Stephenson urging and coaching MPs to fill their boots by gaming every loop hole and grey area in the guidelines.

In fact LOL think the Telegraph story knowingly only just scrapes the surface. LOL believe that Benedict Brogan et al know this. And that they know a much greater story is in the pipeline.

One has only to create a matrix of the half dozen or so main tax pounds diversion schemes - outlined in the manual or not - and populate it from the allowances claims of the 63 Lib Dem MPs to see the patterns revealled. This can only be a matter of time.

We've put the figures in, turned the handle, and published ourselves on most of this for Rochdale's disgraceful Paul Rowen MP. Purely on a sample basis. He's such a self-righteous, pompous, self-regarding, light-weight, dissembling, hypocritical, got at tosser in our opinion. And he and his chums employ a bunch of dirty McBridivist smearologists. Every bit as nasty as D McBride. In fact in our humble opinion collectively rather worse.

PR Paul's just crying out to be exposed. And his thugees. And their allies in the town. Morally certainly and possibly close to financially bankrupt. And if not recalled to a by-election this side of Christmas then given the full fury of the voters when the general Election comes. Perhaps the Tories could be so kind as to select a candidate in a town where they were cock-a-hoop to "win" the Euro ballot. Why haven't they done so already?

CRY FOR HELP: Two weeks ago, on a Monday evening LOL are aware that one John Leech MP, the cancer hospital closure hoaxing Lib Dem MP for Manchester Withington, was partying away, somewhere or other.

Our information, double-sourced-and-more naturally, is that Mr Leech was er, "relaxed" after a few drinks. We're not going to say "tired and emotional" as that's a tired and emotional old cliché. But we're told his mood darkened over the course of a series of communications. Voices raised. Cudgels drawn.

His Blue Peter shoes were stamping angrily, his stubble was bristling, wasps were being chewed, brows were being furrowed, and his mode was not cool under pressure. We're told.

If you can corroborate any of the conversations Mr Leech had that evening that so darkened his countenance and flabbered his ghast please do drop us an email at the eddress above. Perhaps you were on the end of the 'phone at some point? Eavesdropping on his tantrums? Included in the loop conspiratorially?

More anon as they say. This is not so much a comedy as a tragedy but at 13 days out and counting we're not rushing into anything. We'd like to have our ducks lined up in a row. Good style.

Incidentally after four and a half years of minimal intern-slavery Mr Leech has also found himself simultaneously requiring THREE unpaid slave interns in Manchester. THREE! More on that too anon.


Get Real said...

the problem is Chris, apart from his mother (who loves him very much) and his loyal, well paid sidekicks, Paul Rowen is a complete non-entity.

"Rowen who" is the cry by hacks from that there London. "Rochdale - isn't that Cyril Smith's home town?" "Whats all this about spanking and testicle squeezing all those years ago?" "Isn't he dead?"

What you need is Jordan (the moggel not the nation) performing a lewd act with one of Rowen's 40p parliamentary bananas and Peter Andre commenting on Cyril's late night visits to Cambridge House. Throw in Amy Whinehouse recalling the shenanhghans of the Smith Street toilets or one of diddy Dave Hennighan's "wilder" evenings and you might raise a pulse with the tabloids.

Chris Paul said...

You're right Get Real. As things stand Rochdale's in the shite. Full stop. They cannot afford to have a Tory government AND a waste of a skin as an MP.

Just about get away with it with a Labour govt, though the RMBC pisses the money away and are crap, at least there's no mugging of people on IB and DLA nationally to pay for millionaire's avoiding inheritance tax on capital gains they never had to cough on.

This is what the Tories are planning. Rochdale should turf PR Paul Rowen out to help keep the Tories out. And if that fails to at least have a voice against the Tories as they salami slice everything they can get their knives into.

Anonymous said...

Original? Modern? Certainly not! This blog is better described as PAROCHIAL and BITTER - the author clearly is more comfortable with his little online Manchest Labour world than reality! One wonders how the author pays his bills - presumably someone else does - mother? - boyfriend? - taxpayers? It can only weaken support amongst thinking people for Labour.

Get Real said...

Anon 07.38:

"One wonders how the author pays his bills - presumably someone else does - mother? - boyfriend? - taxpayers?"

Is that a Dave Hennighan freudian slip?

Meet the Fookers said...

Late one night in May, Paul Rowen publicly promised to disclose the "mostly catholic charities" that he says he gave all his 'double bubble' councillor allowance money to. (this was for the 2 years that he remained a councillor aparently setting up PFI shady fookers The Impact Partnership).

He promised to come clean about the recipients of his publicly funded largesse "by the weekend".

Since then there has been silence from Rochdale's current MP.


Anonymous said...

What a load of drivel you write Paul. It's little wonder hardly anyone comments on your leftie outpourings.
I only come to your site to have a laaarf.
No I am not a Tory Troll.
Hows your dim- min-utive friend Hazel doing? Found herself a new job yet?
Ha what a shower of losers.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers me dears. Noticeable that Playboy Millionaire Badboy Malcolm Porn-O has shut down the whackiest outposts of his "crackpots anonymous" Community Forum ... and Hennigan crops up here. Gratuitous off topic insults, what looks like a homophobic smear, and general nasty smearology. What an arse hole! And his bills ARE paid by the tax payer. And we want our money back.

Don Cornholio said...

Malcolm is just being cautious. If he has the evidence then he will fight this all the way. He is a man to be trusted to put his money where his mouth is.

But if he finds out he has been led down the garden path with lies and unrelaible information then vengence will be swift.

No one makes a fool out of Malcolm Journeaux.


Anonymous said...

"No one makes a fool out of Malcolm Journeaux"

No, he does that himself.

Cornolio- Does he need TP for his bunghole?

Rochdale Rapper said...

purile naughty schoolboy anonymous humour recently posted on Rochdale Alternative Website.

that said, it raise a few giggles


unmarried MP's mystery wedding band said...

Big news about a new ring discovered around the giant gas cloud in the nether regions of the solar system close to Uranus.

A feint ring of shitty ice caused by the gravitational effect of moon-like hangers-on spinning around the huge gassy body.

Such a ring was not expected. Why one is there remains a mystery.

No doubt Space Cadets will try to justify huge expenditure on travel and research relating to this mysterious ring.

Anonymous said...

Are any of the mystery charidees that Paul Rowen is now so coy about of the Ugandan variety?

Then there is Corinya - not a charity but a for-profit prpoerty company with financial interests in Uganda and Rochdale.

Does anyone smell a Spanksy rat?