Monday, October 19, 2009

Jellyfish Cameron: Splattered by Canny Bottle Nose Dolphin

This video is mute. Given Steve Bell's identification of David Cameron and his crew of chancers with translucent and undrownable jellyfish this video from off the Welsh coast gains a new layer of meaning. Widely trailed as Bottle Nosed Dolphins "playing football" with jellyfish it seems to show one particularly large and playful creature blowing jellyfish out of the water. To great hilarity from the nature loving photographer in the prow I notice.

Perhaps you cannot be cruel to a jellyfish. Something a vegetarian friend once said about a prawn as she tucked in to a prawn sarnie. But should we call this gentle intelligent playful Cam-battering creature Prescott or Campbell?

Here is Steve Bell somethingly explaining his Jellyfish meme (Guardian VT). And below is Dave Cam's debut in his new clothes. Those watery empathising eyes yet to achieve their wet bloom. Steve Bell's Guardian home and his books at The Guardian Book Shop and what's more you can still get Muggins Blair as he positions himself for a comeback.

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