Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kaminski, Saint or Sinner?: Liberal Conspiracy vs Total Politics?

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Over on Liberal Conspiracy Chris Barnyard shines a light in the direction of the leader of the strange new right group of MEPs, Michal Kaminski. What a rag tag bunch they are.

The Liberal Conspiracy further reading links in one fell swoop:
Bob Piper on "Exclusives | Martin Bright in the JT | Sunder Katwala's four questions | A Tory Defectives Doubts | Soho Politico on Dale | And on the Lithuianian Question | and that Total Politics "exclusive". Not to forget Lisbon (which the Poles have now of course signed) | Danial Hannan You Tube on the CAP | and Hannan's boss Kaminski on the same.

Essentially Liberal Conspiracy are critting Iain Dale and his "exclusive" Total Politics interview. Reproduced in full as an "exclusive" on Iain's blog. Which is odd. Here is the bullet point gloss Iain provides, and which Total Politics are pimping:

  • Says he would never have been given NATO security clearance if there was any evidence of anti-Semitism in his past;
  • Accuses the New Stateman of shoddy journalism over its recent story attributing comments to Rabbi Shudrich, which he says he never made;
  • Says he is ashamed that Poles were involved in the Jedwabne massacre;
  • Claims he is proud that Poland was among the first countries to decriminalise homosexuality;
  • Says he would vote for civil partnership legislation in Poland but remains opposed to gay marriage;
  • Says he will accept an invitation to attend next year's Conservative Pride event;
  • Admits there are differences between the Law & Justice Party and the Conservatives over Lisbon;
  • Says it is wrong to equate the European Commission with the Soviet Union;
  • Says he was wrong to praise General Pinochet.

  • LOL would say that each of these points is contestable. Read it for yourself.

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