Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PR Paul Rowen MP: How Dare This Dirtbag Claim "Clean Bill"?

How very ironic. PR Paul Rowen MP is simultaneously pretending to be humble and bragging about his "clean bill of health" from the arse-kicking Legg whose focus on horny handed blue collar cleaners and gardeners looks like a boon for the white collar mortgage brokers.

And where did Rowen do his ever so 'umble humbug grand standing? Why, on Rochdale Online, of course. And why is this interesting?

Leaving aside for a moment the FACT that Rowen's direct accommodation expenses i.e. mortgage interest, stamp duty, lawyers and surveyors were (a) not examined by Legg and (b) around TWICE as high as those of Labour's Jim Dobbin. Leaving that aside. We have the FACT that this CANNOT be considered a "clean bill of health" because all the little Lib Dem crinkles and gimmicks - as coached in a national conspiracy authored by their new campaign director, replacing the last flung out as an allowances cheat - are in all the other allowances categories.

Office rental arrangements that raise eyebrows, printing arrangements and equipment that raise eyebrows, payments to regional office that are quite extraordinary and scarcely explained, political workers on the tax payroll - according to their own audit disclosures, completely ineffective yet expensive adverts in political leaflets effectively subsidising them, a cheeky hoarding at the local sports ground paid for by the fans themselves, and ... wait for it ... a contract given to the very same Rochdale Online to produce his website, that too being paid for by the taxpayers of Rochdale.

Rochdale Online, run by Red Hot Dutch Billionaire Playboy Muckographer and Bentleyboy Malcolm Porn-O, being even more biased against Rowen's opponents AFTER getting the tax-payer funded gig, than they already were. Which was bad enough.

Blatantly biased activities including:

  • Actually cropping one of Rowen's rivals out of a picture at Number 10 for a meeting with Gordon Brown that that man had arranged; and
  • Running an actionable smear story which PR Paul Rowen's acolyte and smearologist in chief Dave Hennigan had apparently been touting round for many months; and
  • The biased content of the supposedly non-political site itself.

    Get Real said...

    Malcolm has lied about his age too.

    Telling young glamour models on the internet that he was 40 rather than 50 (though Net Model states he is 60!!!).

    Dirty how old man?

    What sort of born again Christian photographs women naked, or in festish gear or in the bath, tearful, maskara running, bllod ruuning from nostrils and a half empty bottle of vodka?

    Anonymous said...

    What Mr Hennighan was up to last year- September 2008 - paid by Mr Rowen, funded through Parliamentary expenses?

    Cached from Rochdale Online - from Zen Internet's servers:

    Dave Hennigan
    Gold Member

    United Kingdom
    1497 Posts Posted - 24/09/2008 : 14:37:01 Show Profile Reply with Quote Clock this:

    ...Labour Politics is carved up in their heads and they ride roughshood over Labour members. Well Done to Tom Stott for exposing the fact that:
    (a) Baker just writes what he believes is true and doesn't check his facts.
    (b) That Labour Members in Rochdale are absolutely sick to death of it.
    I received a phone call a few weeks ago from a Labour Member who explicitly told me about the problems in Labour with this behaviour. The phone call was about an email sent by a fairly prominent member of the campaign team, resigning from his job over some fairly explicit allegations which I can't repeat...


    Dave Hennigan
    Gold Member

    United Kingdom
    1497 Posts Posted - 24/09/2008 : 22:00:55 Show Profile Reply with Quote Phew! That's OK then!
    We received a call from the Daily Express today regarding a press release I'd written. Basically the Labour Party in Rochdale had replaced a picture of Gordon Brown with David Milliband. Whoever they contacted claimed that I had 'hacked' into the site and replaced the picture. Now anyone who knows me will know that I can't do that.
    Story hitting the nationals tommorow.
    Slapped wrist for Danczuk? Definitely!

    benchilltory said...

    “Etherington: “We were told we were going to be judged on what the claim was under the regulations at the time. Now, Sir Thomas Legg has decided to change that retrospectively. Retrospective legislation has a very poor record and has caused us a lot of trouble. That denudes the whole process of its legitimacy.

    Grossman: “You yourself have signed Commons EDMs calling for retrospective taxes on City bonuses..”

    Etherington: “I don’t think I have actually. Can you be sure of this?

    Grossman: “Yes, we checked before we came out..”

    Etherington: “Retrospective taxes?”

    Grossman: “On City bonuses and on Centrica profits and on energy company profits..”

    Etherington: “Yes, but that was me putting pressure on the Government. You know what Early Day Motions are about. None of them are ever acted upon. They are declarations of intent.”"

    Socialists dont you just love em

    highly polished ring said...

    (Apologies to Bill Clinton)

    which MP might be heard declaring:

    "my conscience has a clean bill of health. I have never had, sexual relations, with that £9.99 hotel TV bill,'Filthy Fists of Fury'"

    Get Real said...

    Malcolm is a joke that is making a nuisance of himself.

    No-one takes his "news" service seriously but they don't don't want to rock the boat as he has too much time on his hands and has a reputation for being manic when he spits his dummy out.

    Rochdale Council and the other agencies will keep throwing him a bone with a small trickle of banner advertising but they do not want to rely on him in any way to do any important stuff.

    Malcolm's cunning advertising sales campaign that involves "news" article attacks and fake "forum" debate is wearing thin.

    Even Malcolm's careful quoting of 'anonymous' council sources is a joke. Is having Keith Swift on the Rochdale Online payroll really worth it?

    Anonymous said...

    Hang on a minute...

    Paul Rowen has PUBLISHED Sir Thomas Legg's letter to him on his website and issued it as a press release.

    The letter clearly states at the top "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL"

    Is Mr Rowen going to be disciplined by the Serjeant At Arms for this blatant indiscretion and failure of Parliamentary etiquette?