Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nuts in November: Nadine, Qs 23-27 Deep in the Liverpoo

They say you should never ask a question unless you know the answer, so best press on before they all burn a hole in my pocket. But quickly. First, let's mop up some of the early doors CV flexing and creation mythology.

  • Question 23: You weren't born in or from a Council House now were you? To be fair this small whopper has been fetched back. But how did you come to allow this to appear in media stories in the first place?
  • Question 24: It's also not true that you were "mostly" brought up on a Council estate either is it? You were at very least 11 when you moved from the Anfield-Everton area Breck Road to Halewood? - perhaps gaming the school catchment lottery? - and you weren't even close to 22 when you left that home were you? So it's perhaps about a third. Do you ever get at all alarmed at all the inexactitudes littering your life story Nadine?
  • Question 25: Now here's strange. Hot on the heels of your born in a Council House / brought up on a Council estate twaddle came the story that your life in Breck Road was so poor that you were dressed from Salvation Army rags. Isn't that "we had it tough" whopper just made up for effect?
  • Question 26: And isn't the myth of a grandparent delivering Tory leaflets in this inner city area from your fancy pram just arrant cobblers too?

  • Question 27: Now, one of the favoured creation myths for the Bargery Years is that although brought up in the Anfield Everton area (not Halewood) and although a LFC fan rather than a toffee, your grandad or a little more arithmetically possible great grandad "George Bargery" (though we think Great Great or even Great Great Great would probably be it, Great Grandad could have at best been scarcely born) was not only one of the founders of Everton FC (or St Domingo's as it was first called) but also played in goal in the team's first proper match against St Peters on 20 December 1879, won 6-0 I think it was. Would you be at all surprised to discover that though the score is correct there's no George Bargery on the team sheet? And no Bargery at all in the Club History? That one W Jones played in goal as it goes. Below is the first known picture from 1881.

    CAPTIONS: The map shows the location of the former Breck Road railway station; the top photo is of the classy Vic-wardian suburbia of Lower Breck Road; and the lower one the Breck Road pub The Lutine Bell.

    UPDATE 21:42: Decide to remove estate-agenty "triangle" concept.


    Anonymous said...

    But did she wear a shell suit?

    ex-Norris Green said...

    I've never heard this part of Liverpool being called the Anfield-Everton-Breck Road "golden triangle" before.

    You're not an estate agent, on the QT are you, Chris?

    Most of the housing stock in this area was council-owned and the rest was, for the most part, pretty grim back in the days that Nadine would have lived there.

    Chris Paul said...

    Thanks ex-Norris Green

    Yes, the "golden triangle" is mine, you like? Apparently not! Perhaps I'll take that out if it is distracting you.

    Nads did not it seems live in a Council House in Breck Road. And it wasn't particularly grim. And she wasn't clothed from the Sally Army. And there was no campaigning from her pram for Tories, or at least I do very much doubt that. And it also looks unlikely that the Bargery clan invented Everton FC.

    The point of all this is that Nadine seems to *continuously* make stuff up, exaggerate and fantasise. Is this an ideal behaviour pattern for an MP do you think? What else gets made up? Past, present and future?

    She's employed her daughters in a ridiculous way. I think that is a disgrace myself, don't you? Whether it is £28,000 or the £50,000 Jennifer claimed it stinks, don't you think?

    Her main home in real life is what she calls her "second home" and her "main home" for allowances purposes is apparently "somewhere else". That just won't do. The Telegraph, or someone will come back on that one.

    The "community school" she founded in Zambia wasn't what you might expect. Her nursing career was short and undistinguished. Her UK wedding wasn't as described.

    Believe you me there is a lot more to come out. Nadine Dorries didn't become an MP on merit, whatever she says. She was parachuted in to a safe seat at the last minute.

    Personally I think she should stand down and do something else. Something less important for others perhaps.

    Anonymous said...

    The Lutine Bell! The Looting Belle! Very good.