Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nuts in November: Question 3, Nadine, Place Four Events in Order

Question 3: Philippa Dorries, MumP's first daughter, requested unpaid leave earlier in the summer; you mentioned MumP's second daughter Jennifer Dorries' predicament, as an unemployed and financially embarrassed graduate in the House on 6 July 2009 starting at 6:33pm; you fitted in a family holiday, ¡Y Viva Espana! or the like; and you also decided somehow or other, no doubt mindful of the guidance on use of allowances, and of how it might look, to give Jennifer a job or jobs, on the taxpayer.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Using your legendary skill and judgement and referring to notes, blogposts and tweets as necessary please could you please pretty please put these four events in the correct order, starting with the earliest.


Anonymous said...

is it ABCD?

also - gone via your twitter feed to a twit link to the new revamped Lib Dem website. A search for "Cyril Smith" draws a blank. All that fundraising and not a peep?

That is gratitude for you.

Chris Paul said...

ABCD? When do they ever do that on the Millionaire show? Can that be right? Let's see what Nadine Dorries MumP has to say for herself shall we?