Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rochdale RAW: A Hanging, A Castration, A Sacking and A Shafting

Apart from their serious investigation and hot scoop on the Rochdale Lib Dems plans to rebrand their benighted town (Powerpoint Image, above) those naughty boys at Rochdale RAW have been up to their sleazy tricks again. We cannot condone their attitude. Just mud slinging all day every day. But they do dish the odd speck of true grit in the process.

  • It seems that Cyril Smith is to be hung! In the Town Hall. As an outspoken illiberal supporter of (a) corpulent (b) corporal and (c) capital punishment this must be the end he would have wanted. And indoors too. Lest he catch his death of cold. In the bleak mid winter.

    Hanging was what Sir Squirrel wanted for the wrongly convicted Stefan Kiszko, with his old mate and Tory freemason big wig David Waddington - supposedly defence QC but utterly incompetent - and his old muckers in the craven and corrupt local constabulary conjoined in one of the most ridiculous justice fails of the century.
    The real child sex killer Ronald Castree was an approximate contemporary of Paul Rowen MP in the children of Liberalism in the town. Castree's mum and dad were in fact major Cyril Smith supporters it seems. While Paul's mum Mrs Rowen was among Smith's successors as Mayor of the town.

  • Following this and continuing the cruel and unusual punishment meme the nutty RAW boys claim that when Legg's over Rowen will be castrated. Not, they are at pains to point out, chemically as Sir Cyril Smith was apparently, but where it really really hurts in his million pound expenses, salary, mortgages, allowances, gravy train.
  • Which makes the "Sacking" of Political Agent Dave Hennigan and the "Shafting" of Parliamentary Researcher Alex Webster quite the come down. This appears to leave Rowen with only a few banana chomping unpaid interns and a known ex-Tory smearologist on his books in London. And only the boy Adam Power, that he disowned completely over yet another smear, and the dirty mac caravan man John Swarbrick, continuing to illicitly do politics on the taxpayer in the former dynamic duo's crap cave at Drake Street, Rochdale.

  • Both Dave and Alex are seething at their treatment at the hands of the ineffectual and grasping bananas man of the Lib Dems. Seething. The truth will out. Though not perhaps on the Rochdale Online forums on which Henn so regularly made a cock of himself and had his opponents silenced so casually. Then again the "Spinning Out of Control" thread is now back!


    Anonymous said...


    What do expect from Rochdale - home of Kingsway Business Park- a new landscape for business?!

    Polished turds and glorious mud.

    Chris Paul said...

    Update: Alex Webster has been replaced by someone who used to work for Vince Cable. More anon.

    Anonymous said...

    Looks like they will have a battle on their hands trying to get the Parliamentary pass off Charles Edward Lord.

    Not that it needs it for lobbying or anything. Just voluntary bon vonveurism and such stuff. Charidee golden arches freemasonry with large fries?

    Anonymous said...

    Very surreal pic on Rowen's website by Alex Webster here:

    Rowen is pictured with his mouth open looking utterly vacant staring at a glass of wine. The picture is titled 'solutions'. Is Alex taking the piss? Or is this Rowen's solution? Another glass of wine to keep that red nose a glowing...

    Anonymous said...

    the bush telegraph knows the score down at "the village". Just a matter of knowing which interns and researchers to chat with on a Friday at the House of Lords bar ;-)

    Anonymous said...

    Gosh, that photo is bizarre. I wonder if the clown will take it down as a result of the publicity it attracts. Will there be letters to the newspapers on this ridiculous juxtaposition of the million dollar moronic man supping at the last chance saloon, and his spouting platitudes about the starving poor?

    benchilltory said...

    what on earth has castrees parents political views got to do with anything

    Rochdale Rapper said...

    Obviously Benchill is diferent to Cyril's Rochdale.

    The Castrees were pally with Big Cyril and his bunch years ago.

    Many a Rochdale serf has made the pilgrimage to Emma Street to kiss the ring.

    There has been a documented history of cover-up, touch-up and cock-up regarding Cyril, the Liberals and Rochdale.

    Travesties of justice regarding sex abuse in Rochdale were bound to happen.

    Time to setthe record straight.