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Nuts in November; Nadine, Q89 Lost in Translation?

We'll finish off the 100 Qs for Nadine this evening. But in the meantime here's one of the Mum-P's web-borne CVs. Complete with links. We'll tidy it up when we have a moment. Meanwhile scroll down. Our question:

Question 89: Have you seen this amusing wokiwiki before?

Nadine Dorries MP

Member of Parliament

for Mid Bedfordshire

Assumed office 

5 May 2005
Preceded byJonathan Sayeed
Majority11,355 (22.5%)

Born21 May 1957 (1957-05-21) (age 52)

Liverpool, England
Political partyConservative
Spouse(s)Paul Dorries (div. 2006)
ReligionChristian - Anglican

Nadine Vanessa Dorries, née Bargery (born 21 May 1957) is a British Conservative politician, the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire.



Dorries was built-in as Nadine Bargery in Liverpool, England.

The babe of a bus disciplinarian who died at 42,1 Dorries was aloft abreast Warrington and accomplished at Rose Heath Primary School2 and Halewood Grange Comprehensive Academy (while Alan Bleasdale accomplished there) 3 in Halewood4 afore her ancestors confused to Runcorn.2 Dorries grew up on a council estate. Her parents took advantage of the "Right to Buy" scheme.56 She larboard the Merseyside breadth afterwards she affiliated mining architect Paul Dorries.

Dorries entered nursing in 1975 as a abecedarian at Warrington Accepted Hospital.7 From 1978 to 1981, she practised as a nurse in both Warrington and Liverpool.8 She claims to accept witnessed two adulterated terminations, an acquaintance that afflicted her attack to lower the foetal aborticide age.6

In 1982, she became a medical adumbrative to Ethicla Ltd for a year, afore spending a year in Zambia as the arch of a affiliation school, area her bedmate ran a chestnut mine.1

In 1987, Dorries became the managing administrator of Aggregation Kids Ltd accouterment adolescent day affliction services. The aggregation was awash in 1998 to BUPA, at which she served as a administrator for a year.9

Dorries afar from her bedmate at Christmas 2006; they accept three daughters.10

Although her great-grandfather, the goalkeeper George Bargery, was one of the founders of Everton Football Club,12 she is a agog adherent of Liverpool Football Club.11

Parliamentary career

Election record

Dorries abominably contested the constituency of Hazel Grove as Nadine Bargery at the 2001 accepted election, and was defeated by the sitting Liberal Democrat MP Andrew Stunell by 8,435 votes.12

Dorries was adopted to the House of Commons at the 2005 accepted election for the safe bench of Mid-Bedfordshire on the retirement through ill bloom afterwards a alternation of scandals of Jonathan Sayeed, with a majority of 11,355, and fabricated her maiden speech on 25 May 2005.13


Dorries, declared as "a right-wing, banal Conservative",14 is a affiliate of the socially bourgeois Cornerstone Group.15

Abortion limit

On 31 October 2006, Dorries alien a Private Member's Bill, which would accept bargain the time absolute for aborticide from 24 to 21 weeks, accommodate a 'cooling-off' aeon for women adulatory to accept an abortion, and would ensure, afterward the cessation of the cooling off period, accelerated admission to abortion. She accustomed afterlife threats from aborticide rights activists and was accustomed badge protection.16 Parliament voted by 187 to 108 to adios the bill.17

In May 2008, she tabled an alteration to the proposed Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill gluttonous to abate the top absolute for abortions to 20 weeks from the accepted 24 weeks of pregnancy. Her alteration was defeated by 332 votes to 190, with a abstracted 22 anniversary absolute adjoin by 304 votes to 233 - with MPs continuing to abutment the 24 anniversary limit.18

Education reform

In May 2007, Dorries criticised David Cameron for blank the recommendations of the Bourgeois accessible activity alive accumulation in favour of grammar schools.19

Damian McBride Email Affair

In April 2009, Dorries commenced acknowledged activity afterward the advertisement of emails beatific by Damien McBride, Gordon Brown's arch of activity and planning, which appropriate overextension a rumour that Dorries had a one-night angle with a adolescent MP, in an email to Derek Draper, a Labour acknowledging blogger.82021 The email was leaked and McBride resigned. Dorries denounced the allegation as libellous and accepted an apology.8 Brown afterwards said he was 'sorry' and that he took 'full albatross for what happened'.22

Expenses claims

In May 2009 the Daily Telegraph, as allotment of its exposure of MPs' costs claims, questioned whether the acreage in Dorries's constituency, on which she claimed £24,222 Additional Costs Allowance (for 'secondary' apartment costs), had been in actuality her capital or alone home from 2007 onwards. 23 The bi-weekly aswell queried auberge bills including one for 'Mr N Dorries' - these had been disallowed by the Fees Office.

By her own account, Dorries had spent a lot of time in her constituency home, which is aural commuting ambit of Westminster. However, in her blog she complained about the media implying artifice on her part: she bidding abhorrence to accord data of her 'main' home for aloofness reasons, but adumbrated that it was anchored in the Cotswolds. She aswell said she had had adolescent affliction responsibilities alfresco the constituency until 2008 if her youngest babe afflicted schools.

Dorries counter-attacked, alleging abridgement of acceptable acceptance on the allotment of the Daily Telegraph. On 22 May she went on BBC Radio 4 to draw parallels amid the McCarthy 'Witch-Hunts' and the press's 'drip-drip' adumbration of MP's expenses, eliciting responses alignment from abutment from The Independent, David Cameron's accessible criticism, through to acerbity from the public).24 She claimed anybody was fearing a 'suicide', and colleagues were consistently blockage up on anniversary other.25 Later in the day her blog was taken down. It transpired that Withers, attorneys acting for the Barclay Brothers, the owners of the Daily Telegraph, had appropriate the abatement of the blog, on blackmail of aspersion activity adjoin the anniversary provider.26 Dorries did not appear as one of the capital casualties of the costs claims affair, but she was asked to acknowledgment an inappropriate claim.

In November 2009 it was appear that she was application taxpayers' money to apply her babe on a bacon of £28,000. She had ahead complained that her babe would not acquisition application afterwards graduating.27

High Heels at Work

In backward 2009 Nadine Dorries campaigned adjoin what she alleged "a angle to ban the cutting of top heels in the office"28 which was to be debated at the 2009 Trades Union Congress (TUC). The motion, submitted to the TUC by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists acicular out that "around two actor canicule a year are absent through affection as a aftereffect of lower limb disorders" and that "many administration in the retail area force women workers to abrasion top heels as allotment of their dress code". It did not alarm for a ban on high-heels at work, but rather alleged on administration to accede the health-impact of their dress codes and animate the cutting of healthy, adequate shoes.29

All women shortlists

Nadine Dorries was awful analytical of David Cameron's angle to accede application all women shortlists, allegory her own alternative on arete in Bourgeois Home commodity and arguing adjoin a move which would actualize "two clases of MPs".

She wrote that "Sometimes I feel apologetic for some of the Labour women who were called via all-women shortlists. Anybody knows who they are. They are consistently derided" and gave this anniversary of her 2005 selection:

"Three weeks afore the 2005 accepted acclamation I, a board acreage Scouser, was called as the Bourgeois applicant to represent a southern rural constituency. Because the abstraction occurred so bound and so abutting to D-day, the affair provided my affiliation with a shortlist of seventeen candidates, of which, about 5 were women. Afterward a continued day of interviews in hot brilliant rooms, the anniversary was whittled down to a shortlist of three ... I was abreast that I had been called absolute on the aboriginal acclamation ... That pride, that faculty of achievement, the ability that I was called on the base of my achievement and arete aloft all added candidates on that day is what enables me to authority my arch up top in this place". 30

Dorries anniversary of her own alternative appears to belie a account address which The Times ran at the time of Dorries' alternative in 2005, advertisement that affair address placed a majority of women on the shortlist and apprenticed for the alternative of a changeable candidate:

"Mrs Dorries, who has three boyish children, calmly exhausted her 11 rivals and won the asset safe bench on the aboriginal acclamation at the alternative this weekend. Affair admiral were captivated that the bench has gone to a woman. Previously, alone two women had been called in the 17 safe seats area sitting MPs accept retired. Senior affair abstracts had fabricated bright to bounded dignitaries that they would like the bench to go to a woman and presented the constituency with a shortlist of seven women and 5 men to accentuate the point". 31


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Jonathan Sayeed
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