Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PR Paul Rowen MP: Rochdale Lib Dems Welcome Clegg With "Mess"

The ever ridiculous Rochdale RAW crazies have hunched down and strained and strained and strained until a trail of hot poop surrounds the Town Centre of Rochdale.

Bit of a mess, all told. Taking the fatuous route of asking question after question after question, with little chance of response.

LOL have responded with questions of our own:

They say to never ask a question unless you know the answers. So let's have some of them. Here's a couple or three more questions:

  • Where do Norman and Cyril Smith and their friends, family and associates have land holdings in Rochdale? And if they've disposed of any during the lifetime of the regeneration and pre-roll for that where was that? And what transfers have taken place for how much and to whom? And what is the notional value of any land and property still held as things stand? And with all the planning consents being sought? And with everything built out?
  • Does Rochdale Reform Buildings Limited [NOTE ADDED FOR LOL - this is the Lib Dem owned and controlled enterprise which in turn owns the Lib Dem Party / Lib Dem Group / Lib Dem MP offices in Drake Street, renting them back to their own at interesting prices and in interesting permutations with "independent" pricing arranged from a Director of the Company. Anyway ..] have any relevant holdings?
  • Does the Couzens/Mulgrew axis of weevil who propose to politically assassinate Alan Taylor this Thursday leaving blood on the carpet as Nick Clegg arrives to speak have any declared holdings or any connections with those who do, aside from the Smiths and their gang?

  • Does the Rochdale-based Company known as "Corinya" have any relevant land holdings? Are Rochdale MBC still renting property from this company? Can it really be true that PR Paul Rowen MP is still a Director/Shareholder of their overseas subsidiary Corinya (Ug) Limited, largely owned by Corinya who have so many interests in Rochdale?
  • Is PR Paul Rowen MP completely out of his mind to be associated with property companies active in his constituency through a commenon shareholding and directorship, and a common interest in a Uganda orphanage known as Suubi, near Entebbe, as well for that matter?
  • Where do MMC (the would be developers of Spodden asbestos killing fields) and their connections to use a gambling term fit in to all this?
  • Have IMPACT now got full control over their Labour, Expertise and Materials and prevented same being used for building projects, free or at special rates, that benefit officers widely defined or even heaven forfend elected members?

    And we've added a Post Script:

  • Are there any tax in general or VAT in particular investigations relating to the Lib Dem franchise in the town?

  • Could ask about police investigations too? And about whether it's true that MMC have bought the naming rights for the town which could henceforth become known as MMCDale. Perhaps not.


    Anonymous said...

    Good questions. I'd add,

    Is Dave Hennigan still on Paul Rowen's payroll and is the latest 'agent departs in mystery' story merely a diversionary tactic from Hennigan himself to take some of the heat off Rowen? After all, Dave had become the story. It's obvious by his rantings on Rochdale Online that he's still working for the Lib Dems.

    Why was Paul Rowen's chief patron, Malcolm Porno, recently ejected from a `Rochdale nightclub? Very interesting CCTV footage.

    Chris Paul said...

    The town's thrusting newspaper organ and also Porn-O's web organ must surely demand to see the accounts of the local Lib Dems, Lib Dem Group and their relationship with PR Paul?

    Hennigan axing as put up job. Bit of theatre. Is fairly probable.

    Porn-O being chucked out of a club?

    Lapdancers complain of his frottage activities distracting their punters?

    Creatures Porn-O is rubbing himself against demand his removal?

    Someone picks a fight with him for utter prejudice in favour of Lib Dems who pay him shedloads of money to puff PR Paul Rowen?

    Porn-O is using his long lens to point at citizens who have constraining orders against his intrusions and lies?

    Anonymous said...

    All hail the news!

    The greengrocer has gone.

    The Lib Dems in Rochdale need a new leader...

    Anonymous said...

    Alan Taylor has gone. He is an ex leader of Rochdale Council.
    Knives in the back have a tendancy to do that.

    At least he now has time to spare for the court service and to help with certain enquiries.

    But poor Nick Clogg, hope he manages to get his speech right and not thank "delete where appropriate" in his speech at Rochdale Town Hall this Thursday.

    Anonymous said...

    You want to hear the Lib Dems clucking away on Rowen Online. Councillors are jumping in to defend the Grocer and anyone who dares criticise him is acused of being "despicable". Cos he's a poorly man you see and stepped down cos of ill health.

    Even though he's still planning to stand in Healey and the Rochdale Observer asked him a few days ago if he would be standing down as leader cos of ill health and he said 'NO'!


    He was kicked out for being useless and the Lib Dems are in turmoil.

    Porno hasn't joined the debate yet. Probably busy snapping away at some teenage moggel in his porn cave.

    Mystic Meg said...

    Porn-o is in lurve with an inappropriate older female employee at the moment- that is why they have just cut and pasted the Drake Street spin about poor Alan's demise.

    Alex Webster, Dave Hennigan and Alan Taylor. Paul Rowen is having a right good clearout. Very brave for someone who will need all the help he can get soon.

    Backstabbing, corrupt criminals? Could these words be associated with Rochdale Lib Dems in the following months?

    Anonymous said...

    Why in the months to come? That sounds like a fair appraisal now.

    Whoever gets to be next leader the Rochdale Lib Dems are in lumber- most of this bunch are up to their necks in corruption. If it all comes out then there will be more Sting fans at Drake St... Lib Dems with Police records! Geddit?!!!

    Chris Paul said...

    "Most" of this bunch? That's upped the ante. LOL now about some of these characters in scrapes and of the genral defiance of PPERA and EP rules on fundraising and publishing accounts, but "Most"? Did you mean MOSH being a shortening of Mo Sharif? He's surely going to have to walk? Having been saved from de-selection by a Hennigan-Rowen night of the long knives ballot-rigging escapade he turns out to be a bit of a wrong-un.

    Allegedly it seems using party leaflets to promote his businesses is but the tip of a seedy iceberg.

    Anonymous said...

    Is that erotic vegetation encroaching on the Town Hall from the Ugandan end of the Corinya operation?

    Rochdale Rapper said...

    A thick bush - planted in honour of Alan Taylor - Rapmate of the year 1975

    Anonymous said...

    Thats a god point Chris. "Most" suggests more than half.

    Now we know there are some who have had their hands where they shouldn't have been according to the law of our land - backsides, testicles, tills and brown envelopes.

    There are pothers who have been invokved in "business" and company activity that could bite them right on the arse - Rochdale Reform Buildings Ltd, Rochdale Lib Dem Printing Society, Cobden Bright Trust.

    There are others who have voted certain ways on certain committees (planning, overview and scrutiny) or have allowed civic assets to be disposed of to certain businessmen that they know of and have suspicion beyond any reasonable doubt that the relationship isn't legally correct.

    Others who know something but prefer to keep quiet in a manner that could be a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

    2010 is the year that the scales are lifted from Rochdale's eyes.

    That minority of Rochdale Liberal Democrats who are truly innocent of any criminality will need to ensure they can prove it. Fast. The net is closing. Save yourself and do Rochdale the service of making sure those who are guilty face justice.

    RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

    Tickets still available for the Meet Nick Clegg bash at Rochdale Town Hall.

    Did poor Sue Etchells have BT to check the phone line seeing as it hasn't been ringing that much for tickets?

    Adam Power getting twitchy?
    Can organ music be heard drafting up for the cellar of 142a/144 Drake Street?

    Dave Hennigan with a velvet cape, playing on an organ? Yuk - that doesn't paint a pretty picture.

    As for other events due to happen in January... is there a queue already forming for the public gallery?

    Get Real said...

    diddy Dave Hennigan is spinning his rosy butt off at the moment. Rather odd for someone that Paul Rowen sacked and wished "well for the future". Did Paul have one of Peter Rush's bedsits in mind for that future? Can jilted Dave just not let go? Does he pop round to Drake Street on the off chance, just to return some paperwork or help out a little on special events like the Lib Dem dinner or an evening with Nick Clegg?

    But is Dave still receiving cash via Paul Rowen's slush fund of Parliamentary and council allowances or the mysterious Cobden Bright Trust to advance liberalism?

    If someone asks Nick Clegg on Thursday will we get an answer?

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

    Clegg turned up and played some pool (in his suit).

    What a clown

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Did anyone turn up to meet nick clegg? Was it the usual stage managed cam moron lite that we see on telly?

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Clegg obviously hasn't heard of the curse of Rochdale Online.
    Lib Dem leader Kennedy visited, then shortly after got the chop. Ditto Ming Cambell, if my memory serves me right.Then leadership contender Chris Huhne dropped in and kissed goodbye to his chances.
    As Private Fraser was wont to say "they're all doomed, doomed I tell yer!"

    Anonymous said...

    I'm sure a lot of Rochdale lib dems think he is too posh, too shallow and too oily for them.

    Straight talking, bollock fettling bullies go down well with those of a liberal persuasion in that there Rochdale.
    Swivel eyed localism and shameless opportunism and cash for favours rather than sticking to any recognisable party politics.

    Anonymous said...

    According to Paul Rowen the ask Nick Clegg event was a great success, very inspiring, over 250 in attendance despite the snow and the local party was fully united.

    Only one part of what he said was actually true.

    It did snow. Proper snow not the Hennigan/Power party stuff.

    benchilltory said...

    In the event of a hung parliament. the lib dems will be your partners in giving us 5 more years of gordon

    Anonymous said...

    not Rowen. Chances are he will be otherwide engaged.

    Anonymous said...

    Not good news for Rowen today. The Sunday Telegraph reports that a Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate and advisor to Nick Clegg has rubbished Paul as the "dullest MP in Parliament".

    Oh dear.

    Up the Dale said...

    MMC are no longer shirt sponsors of Dale - the club wrote something very diplomatic to explain why the final year's sponsorship cash was cut.

    Also, is that a push uo bra sported by the model or is it a lot of padding.

    For real tits look no further than 144 Drake Street.

    Snowball in Hell said...

    Paul - pukka up buttercup, crack open the advokat and enjoy a snowball with Dave Hennigan and claim it all on your Parliamentary allowance. It is Christmas afterall - the recess.