Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken Britain Writ Large: Feckless Unmarried Mum-P Scrounger

David Cameron is absolutely scandalised at a feckless woman on a £65,000 salary, employing two of her three daughters in relays at one of them claims £50,000, and then living in a glorified council house and with utilities entirely funded by the tax payer too. Seven sodding bedrooms! But no-one else chipping in. Is this really wholly necessary (insert blurb) for a constituency pied-a-terre?

What's that you say? She has already admitted that she doesn't actually live anywhere else? That in effect her so-called second home is her main home? And has been for these past three years, preceded by a couple of years owning a couple or three of "doer-upper" houses with "hubby" though not necessarily living in them.

Where is this "hubby" now I'd like to know. Broken Britain writ large.

Nuts in November: Questions For a Mum-P will be resuming shortly.


Anonymous said...

I feel insensed and hope the Daily Mail will start a crusade against such scrounging scum. They come over here from Zambia or wherever and just take, take take.

They get free houses and free contents. They moan and groan about Britian but still keep grasping at our cash and claiming for all srts of stuff.

They have loads of kids and they all get handfuls of our cash too. Its all a big family scam -there must be some sort of bush telegraph to let their sort know about how to rob this country blind.

Bloody Tories.

Benchilltory said...

The good folk of mid Beds will have their say on the antics of the great Nadine.
who will have a chance to comment on the antics Chaytor,fellow inmates of B-wing Strangeways!

Anonymous said...

but aren't the tories supposed to be whiter than white and deserving of Middle England's vote for change.

no policies
no morals
no principles

just a thirst for power at any cost.

The Right have started to see Cameron for what he is. A liberal fop trying to be a man for all seasons.

Most are holding fast hoping for some for of Conservative victory but the plans are to ditch him very quickly.

He will be gone within a month if he fails to get a majority. Some right winger are actually hoping for a small defeat to clear out the wet shit and put the party back on track again.

benchilltory said...

anonymous-what a load of old drivel

Anonymous said...

drivel maybe but does that stop it being true?

Is there a lurch further to the right planned?

benchilltory said...

I think that you need to realise that this is no longer 1983.
you are like a japanese soldier on some island still fighting the second world war years after it finished.
after years in the wilderness your labour party ditched its clause 4 and transformed into a centre left social democratic party. and became electable.
after years in the wilderness the tories have ditched some of their ideological baggage and become a centre right social democratic party.
There are no leftwing or right wing boogie men waiting in the wings.
instead we have very bland politics focusing on personality rather than vision and managerial and administrative skills rather than leadership.

Eton Davos said...

until we get in then the darkies, homos and oiks will be in for a jolly good thrashing!

don't be photographed next to bottles of champagne and if you must wear a suit then take your tie off.

don't worry, it won't be for long. Come may 7th we can take the hair shirt off and start smoking the cigars and driving the Range Rover again.

Fucking poor people get right up my nose. Or is that coke?