Friday, January 01, 2010

Lib Dems Get The Message: Can't Win, Won't Win Dullards

An insert in Miranda Hart's seasonal show via Labour Matters who also posted Gordon's message to the fighters who will see off Camerwrong's camshamflimflamtoriesareatrocious horror brigade.


Grand Master Flash said...

Nick didn't go down well in Rochdale with the local lib dem stormtroopers.

"too slippery" "posh - Cameron light" and "he said he wanted a new politics but then didn't answer any questions" were all comments heard in Rochdale Town Hall on the meet Nick Clegg event.

Even Adam Power looked very forlorn.
But Paul Rowen saved the day with a link to a local property developer owning Clegg Hall.

The same owner of another hall in Rochdale? Where does the money come from? Wasn't he involved in hair dressing years ago?

Didn't the same entrepreneur also had something to do with an airline and a clever way of delivering packages on nearby moorland?

It seems there are some very odd customs excercised on the hills above Rochdale currently sprinkled with a magical white dusting on snow and ice. Very picturesque though.

Anonymous said...

Nick's family name is derived from a wooden boot that fools have to use to stop their mouths from sprouting shite.


It is also something that drops from a great height onto the head of a liar.


Also something that happens to the digestive tract of an MP who has eaten too much rich food whilst traveling in luxury on gravy trains.

P.D O'file watch said...

No wonder the Lib Dems are seen as dull in Rochdale - Rowen Online refuses to publish facts about the criminal convictions of a sex offender who spends a lot of his time goading former Labour party members and stirring up bother.

A convicted sex offender whose name was and conviction was published.

Talk about making hay while the sun shines!

Batman and Lady Penelope said...

On that subject, what about a former Rocdale Mayor who has "sailed close to the wind" and been protected by the local Establishment?

Inappropriate sexual behaviour with a vulnerable person in their care?

Rochdale Social Services having knowledge of this?

Was the cover up botched?

Anonymous said...

The former Mayor has a dilema. If he doesn't carry on supporting a certain seven malcontents then some of them will turn on him.

He knows this. They know he knows.

The millitant malcontents are hell bent on revenge for a string of event that began in 2005 with the demise of their MP and their role in it.

The smears, threats and lies they use follow a predictable pattern as can be seen with all they have targetted.

This former mayor feels uncomfotable about this for all the right reasons.

What a mess.

Anonymous said...

The cracks are starting to show within the Rochdale "dirty dozen".

Some say the militants who have been expelled from the Labour Party have gone too far in their openly hostile tactics. Jim Dobbin and Colin Lambert have made their warnings quite clear. Those with an ounze of nounce such as the former Mayor understands this, but the core crazies within the dirty dozen are starting to suggest that some within their ranks are "selling out".

A lot of local labour party members will not argue with the crazies as they know the vile bile that can ensure if they don't wholeheatedly agree with them. Those who don't want to know them are labelled as "scabs" or "bent". It is like a broken record and people are getting tired of the lame insults and conspiracies the dirty dozen suggest whilst sharing a pint or five (apart from tom who has deep pockets and short arms when it comes to getting the beer in.)

Mark Hollindrake is getting very indiscrete especially when spilling the beans on tactics or forwarding jokes about rape and Gordon Brown's handling of the economy. The Coateses are usually avoided. Angry loner Steven Burke really does need to move on.

Then there is Phil Gilligan and his Peace groupies. Is it some sort of sect? Never a Labour party member, he has a soft spot for the Lib Dem with a hot line to Drake Street - very on message with Paul Rowen. Blind to all criticism of Rochdale Lib Dems and surprisingly coy about the serious sex abuse allegations about Cyril Smith - how odd given he is a lecturer on social issues at Hudersfield Poly.

Many of the Rochdale Dirty Dozen were suspended by Region when they refused to help their MP Lorna Fitzsimons in the 2005 General Election. Tom Stott spent his time in Bury helping David Chaytor. The other local crazies just did what they do best- nothing physical just a lot of bad mouthing that helped the Lib Dems and MPAUK who are linked to one of the uglier mottos that helped Lorna lose the Rochdale constituency was the description of her a "fucking jew".

Lies, smears, innuendo, threats of violence and intolerance. The pattern of what happens if the Rochdale Dirty Dozen leaves the pub and vents their displeasure.

Anonymous said...

Basically that last post was one big LIE.

Stefan Cholwecka was busy in 2005 canvassing on the doorstep against Lorna and writing letters to the Rochdale Observer against Lorna and our Labour government.

No one got suspended from Rochdale Labour Party after the General Election.

None of the Rochdale expelled or suspended members have EVER been involved in threats of violence.

Here is some stuff from this very blog in 2005.

Speaking of close marginals in Greater Manchester there is a picture on the wall in the Unison HQ where we are stuffing of one Mr Stott in the same picture as one Tony Blair.

Speech bubbles have been added. Blair is asking the crowd "So does this mean Stott is a Blairite?" while Stott retorts sotto voce "No, it means Blair is a Stottite!" A bystander refers to the scene and asks "Who is that standing next to Councillor Tom?. Labour candidate the big haired Lorna Fitzsimons stands by, lost for words.

This is the scene as Blair presents a rally to promise the £520 million plus needed for Metrolink services to Rochdale, Oldham and through my patch too.

The captioned picture look down on us stuffers alongside the flag of Cuba and other labour movement paraphrenalia. But there's many a true word spoken in jest.

Our 'phone volunteers have found people in Rochdale, asked if they are voting for Ms Fitzsimons, saying "No, we vote for Tom Stott round here".

Lorna faces a strong challenge from Lib Dem council leader Mike Rowan.
posted by Chris Paul at 6:30 PM 0 comments

CP's Labour Blog
Lorna's Doomed and other Loose Ends

In fact Lorna Fitzsimons lost, albeit by a smaller swing that expected. And Keith Bradley lost too in Manchester Withington. A real shocker! And that's just the new MP John Leech.
posted by Chris Paul at 3:24 AM 1 comments

Friday, May 06, 2005
Lorna's Saved
Amazing. The illicit texting is saying that Lorna Fitzsimons has actually held her seat in Rochdale with a doubled majority of c 3,000. Her constituency is where Blair became a Stottite. And we had no idea how it would go. Because there wasn't enough information.

Lorna is certainly flamboyant in the way Rochdale expects post-Cyril Smith. But on all the key issues she's Blairite. Not just loyal and disciplined with a heavy heart. Actually gung ho Blairite.

I tell various people this news. They are delighted. I'm just amazed really. Even with backing from Stott ("Councillor Tom") and other local Labour people it seems a miracle if Lorna's pulled off an escape from a majority under 2,000.
posted by Chris Paul at 12:08 PM 9 comments

Anonymous said...

I am a former Labour voter. I have little time for Rochdale politics. But I have even less time for the idiots who got themselves booted out of the Labour Party. I know some of them and they would cause bother in the Tufty Club. They would fall out with their reflection in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

And how do you know them? If you are a "former" Labour voter are you on here to bat for the Fib Dems?
The people thrown out of Labour included a 75 year old woman whose health hardly makes her Mike Tyson!None of the others have ever been inolved in any violence or anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Poor Maureen. She is a victim of Militant idiots who roped her in to putting her name on a letter to the Rochdale Observer. The desperate Dirty Dozen using an old lady as a human shield. What a sad desperate bunch a malcontents. Those who love the thrill of confrontation jumped on the bandwagon of Steven Burke. Others in the Dirty Dozen can bore a glass eye to sleep. They love the cheap thrills of intrigue and easy mears whispered over a pint or five.
But they forgot to think of the consequences for an old lady who has been hoodwinked and abandoned.

But these barstool revolutionaries will have little care for such collateral damage.

As for Comrade Tom Stott and his militant tendancies. Who was part of the neo-con liberal conspiracy that allowed him to lose the last 2 times he stood for Rochdale Council?

Anonymous said...

God you are boring MB/SC. So patronising, of a female comrade who can stand up for herself and not cry off to Daddy or Sugar Daddy.

Why don't you ask Maureen herself if she feels "hoodwinked and abandoned"? Think you will find she despices all of them involved in the moves to throw out the Rochdale seven.

Go on, ask her,or are you scared she will tell you what MAUREEN herself feels about the whole episode and you lot!

Anonymous said...

There we go again - the Rochdale Dirty Dozen hiding behind a decent 75 year old lady.

Those who know Maureen well who are not connected with the Dirty Dozen are sick and tired of their foul ranting. Maureen is sick of it too but is far too polite and decent to make a fuss. Then again, if she did say something to distance herself from the militant drunken bullies then she would probably face the cider soaked wrath of Mark Hollindrake or the bitter obsession of Steven Burke.

For months Rochdale labour party members were subjected to a tirade of abuse, lies and smears from the dirty dozen. Their hushed beer soaked tones were told to all and sundry. The disciplinary hearing was thorough but because the 5 who were expelled didn't get their way they pressured the other 2 (including maureen) to resign. God help her if she didn't given the tirade of abuse and threats that were coming from Burke, Hollindrake and Coats. 45 stones of combined moron is a lot for a 75 year old lady to face at the best of times. Add to that the hotline to the lib dems via Comrade Gilligan to Hennigan, Swarbrick and Heyworth.
What a mess imagine what good could be done if all this anger and misdirected energy was used constructively against the BNP and fascism.

Instead the dirty dozen prefer to hide behind old ladies and sprout filth and conspiract theories.

How sad and pathetic is that?!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention "I'm allright" Jack Brassington. A good friend of Mareen's but a very bitter man.
Has he given Maureen many lifts to the shop in that fancy Saab of his over the current cold snap?

The Rochdale Dirty Dozen - fair weather comrades unwittingly used by the Lib Dems as part of their dirty tricks campaign. Paranoid bullies who do not allow Labour members who have been in the party for many years to have their say.

Poor Maureen. She deserves better than this.

Anonymous said...

More pathetic lies. Have you asked Maureen yet. No I didn't think so. Still patronising as usuall. She is a decent comrade who stood up to the lies of SD and his cronies.

Your lot dragged Maureen through a show trial with the guilty verdict already decided, while she was unwell.So stop pretending to care for Maureen as she does could not care less about you lot.

Maureen decided herself to join with the rest of the seven, Maureen will decide herself if and when to leave. So stop being so patronising with her.

Your pathetic attempts at divide and rule are not working and will not. You are pathetic full stop.

Oh yes, could really imagine you keyboard warriors taking on the Fascists-NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Your denials about how upset Maureen has been about all of this may allow you to sleep at night but it doesn't hide the fact that a decent 75 year old lady put her name to a letter that was pushed by the obsessive Steven Burke.

Given the vile attacks the Dirty Dozen spew out do you really think that Maureen would now dare express dissent?

Maureen wasn't expelled. Can the Dirty Dozen really say, hand on heart that they didn't force this decent old lady to cut follow those who asked her to sign a letter she didn't write and to cut ties with a party she had been a member of for decades?

Vulnerble people being dragged into the private obsessions of Steven Burke and going along for the fight with a bunch of disaffected Miliitants.

Take Mark Hollindrake. A nice enough lad. Not the sharpest card in the deck as seen with many of his rash comments on Rochdale Online as Strangbow/Up The Dale. He means well but as he is now finding, some of what he types just goes to show what a bunch of troubled souls the Dirty Dozen are.

Their lies and smears are waering thin. People they pester now just nod in agreement to get these sad nutters off their back.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally lost reading this. I read that there were five expulsions. Who are the 'dozen'?

Anonymous said...

5 were expelled. 2 made to jump when they hadn't been expelled (this includes Maureen Nichol). The prominent resignation on priniple by former mayor Robin Parker (retiring anyway from council and sailing close to wind because of past matters that happened years ago). The rest of the dirty dozen are made up by the militant agitators, malcontents and political opportunists linked to Phil Gilligans Peace Group and the murkier characters of Rochdale Lib Dems- the 2 Johns (Swarbrick and heyworth) inparticular.

In all a dirty dozen of bullies and trouble makers who have been doing this sort of thing for years.

Anonymous said...

Mark Hollindrake is not a bad lad deep down. He just gets a bit carried away. The "joke" email he circulated and posted on Rochdale Online about rape was in very bad taste and he regrets it.

Anonymous said...

Flaming hell Matt, do you enjoy talking to yourself? Still not asked Maureen yet,what she really thinks? NO? Thought not!

All the above is full of Lies. Lies damned Lies and Matt Faker, a TERRIBLE media campaign organiser, for a TERRIBLE candidate. Or maybe it's Red Light SC as well, another TERRIBLE LIER and CANDIDATE. Surely not "Vodka AK" who gave abuse to his Mum on the phone.

How's "Andrea Shaw", is she with Sugar Daddy? Not that SD has much sugar left!

You carry on posting lies and fairy tales, and wasting your time-YOUR TIME, campaigning time.

WE have nothing to lose-do NOT forget that. WE are not trying to get elected. YOU have plenty to lose, AND an election to lose.

Oh yes, even if we are the "dirty dozen"(under estimated there) it is still more than your filthy half dozen!

Anonymous said...

There are those smears again.
Very comradely.
Attack anyone who won't join the dirty dozen on the picket line.

Bar room malcontents who had their cards marked in 2005 and will do anything to keep their twisted vendetta going.

No wonder John Heyworth and Swarbrick are chuckling with glee and encouraging the dirty dozen.

benchilltory said...

If greater manchester was a body,which borough would be the arsehole?

Anonymous said...

Under-estimating our numbers again. We would not want any of your filthy half-dozen to join us. In fact none of you believe in picket lines. And none of you are or ever were Comrades.

You bet we will keep things going. We will continue to help out in the re-election of Jim Dobbin in Heywood and Labour candidates in the Locals.

We will do our best to see SD defeated. 2005 General Election it was your Stefan that worked openly against Lorna.

As for Heyworth and Swarbrick, we will continue to have NOTHING to do with them, and will oppose them in Heywood and Middleton, while you lot continue to turn this seat from a marginal to a safe Fib Dem seat.

You keep posting your fairy tales,
Matty boy.

Claws 4 said...

Dave Hennigan has got the emails that prove the malice and dimwittedness of the militant dirty dozen. He is a smart guy and will keep them safe for a rainy day.

Anonymous said...

That's good. Hennigan can do no harm to any of us. Maybe he has all the info on Simon too kept back for rainy day.

Anonymous said...

do you mean the lies and speculation that was emailed to him by Steven Burke?

and some of the more indiscrete emails sent by Mark Hollindrake to others about the comments he posted on Rochdale Online under the name "strongbow"?

and the helpful info from Phillip, Rae, Pauline and Tom?

Anonymous said...

The emails from Steven were NOT lies or speculation-unless "Andrea"
cried wolf. If she did what a disgrace and what lies. If she didn't cry wolf, then its a case of domestic violence, covered up by lies.

Steven made a sworn affidavit in the presence of an officer of the court to state what he knew had happened.

Don't forget none of us are answerable to the Labour Party or indeed any political body anymore-thankfully we are independendent and can do and say what we want, including working for honourable Labour candidates and MPS ,posting on message boards and writing letters.

Anonymous said...

all of this hateful spew and nasty so personal!

There's talk about rape on here, there's talk about peoples alcohol intake, there's talk about just about much venom, so much venom!!!!!

I suggest you all go have a massive well relieving wank!

For fuck sake this is the Chris Paul blog, aka the unknown shat on society 'I have too much time on my hands cos Im lonley and got bored of masturbation freak'.

Take a look at are arguing to an audience of about 12, none of the rest of society/rochdale give a shit.............or do you get pleasure when you have a shit?

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. Trust the left to fight with themselves and disappear up their own arses.

It worked for Magaret Thatcher in the 1980's. It will work for Dave Cameron and Nick Clogg this year.

Keep up the good work you muppets.

Anonymous said...

The left? You are joking. Hollinrake, Burke and co have no real politics to speak of. They're just drunken idiots suffering from a serious identity crisis. They're nothing more than bigoted bullies.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, SC, aren't we getting rattled? Never mind, have a few more cans of lager and bottles of wine in what's left of the Labour Club and it won't feel so bad when the gravy train hits the buffers.

Anonymous said...

Gravy Train?
That is Paul Rowen's realm.
Booze - that is more a Dave Hennigan weakness.
Heaven forbid we talk about what floats "conviction politican" John heyworth's boat.

Anonymous said...

Keep having ago at us all, we are not trying to get elected to council or parliament. We will just stop you getting elected, and do our best to get DECENT Labour candidates elected.

Oh yes, none of us have hit women, or drove through a red light while under the influence,or indeed nicked club vodka, abuse a female delegate with learning difficulties, made abusive phone calls to our Mum, had £15000+ of benefits which we weren't entitled to, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

"we will just stop you getting elected"

- that just about says it all.

by hook or by crook, by fantasy, lie or smear you just want to stop certain peope from getting elected.

what sad, bitter lives you have.

Anonymous said...

No fantasies, lies or smears from from us, we will leave that to you lot, Sugar Daddy and his dwindling band. We will just tell the truth.

Congratulations in pissing off Colin Lambert, the Leader of the Labour Group, he really is very angry now with you lot.

And yes we will have a part in you lot, SD and his people failing to get elected, while we help re-elect Jim Dobbin and hopefully help to get Labour candidates get elected in Heywood and Middleton.

Not sad life for us. For example, I have ALL of my family around me! I see ALL my children everyday. Pass my regards on to "Andrea" the actress.

Goggle Eyes said...

Got to give credit where it is due to Dave Hennigan and the Rochdale Lib Dems and friends such as Phil Gillighans Peace Group - they have done a great job cultivating the Dirty Dozen as a nuisance and distraction from challenging the inept, corrupt mismanagement of Paul Rowen and the Lib Dem council.

Brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Don't delude yourself. The only people responsible for galvanising opposition both within the Labour Party and outside it within the Labour movement are Danczuk himself and his handful of hangers on.

Anonymous said...

The Dirty Dozen. Rabbid rantings of bile and lies. No wonder Labour Party members cross the road to avoid them. Don't they know what people think about them?

Anonymous said...

HA,HA,HA. Keep telling you we deal in the facts, Sugar Daddy and his very small band of supporters deal in fantasies and LIES.

Don't you have elections to fight-you won't gain any votes on here. We have plenty of Labour party members who we talk with and work with-more than that's working for Sugar Daddy.

Are you keeping the many workers from Heywood and Middleton busy? HA,HA. Got to go now, more emails to send to people about certain events in Spain.
PS how's Andrea the actress?

Dizzy Rascal said...

"Some people think I bonkers - but I just think I'm free" -

yes, from reality.

It only takes 2 doctors to certify you Steve.

Get Real said...

Have just read this thread. If it is the same Steve Burke who is posting here that is sending out certain documents via email then I can safetly say he is doing himself and his followers a wrong un.

The proper media won't touch this stuff with a barge pole - it has been explained to you why. Repeating it all just makes you look malicious and the allegations unfounded.

That is my two penneth worth. It doesn't formally represent the thinking of the Guardian Media Group or others but just an opinion of someone who has been around the block for a while.

I await an angry conspiratorial response that I am 'bent' or part the Simon Danczuk campaign or other such nonsense.