Friday, January 08, 2010

Nincom-Coup And All That: The Best GUY News Ever?

Best Guy News Ever? We think so. Not enough on the hairbrushing and airbrushing of Poster Boy Dave Wella Wella Wella "Because I'm Worth It" Cameron. But apart from that, and apart from a lack of that Iris Robinson Tory Boy story, and apart from not enough puncturing of Tory Boy Iain Dale's pompous Westminster bubble, and apart from not revealling how intoxicated or not Tory Boy Steve Hilton was when caught "wankered" .. (quite enough "apart froms" Ed) it's fairly brilliant. Well done to @guidofawkes @torybear and @laughinghyena.

Worth a screen grab. And a double take. Well done to @guidofawkes @torybear and @laughinghyena.


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Don't be ridiculous. It's about as funny as Sion Simon