Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rochdale's Ten Lib Dem Chisellers: And Then There Were None?

Ever since the miserably drunk and disorderly but forever as he would have it "positive" agent provocateur David Hennigan was SACKED, for persistently embarrassing the persistently embarrassing PR Paul Rowen MP, the Town has been staging a remake of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (NB Plot Spoiler) aka Ten Lib Dem Chisellers.

The body count to date is a mere eight. Fallen off the waggon. Fallen by the wayside. Fallen on one another like LibDems possessed. Two more will fall in due course.

  • Dave Hennigan - expelled from every orifice of Drake Street
  • Alex "Snapper" Webster - gone from Westminster, no smile and no wave
  • Alan Taylor - gone as Leader, but a playmate not to be forgotten
  • Mohammad Sharif - gone as heavily protected Deputy Leader (in all but name)
  • Greg Couzens - spending more time with his Zoolander VHS
  • Denis Whittle - deselected, with no police escort to leave the building
  • Anglea Coric - deselected, but resurrection on the cards as Sharif wanes
  • Dale "Wellyboot" Mulgrew - resigned as PPC for Rossendale, but Deputy Dale

  • Aficionado's of the Christie tale - 7th in the all time book sales hall of fame - will understand that the perpetrator shall be numbered among the victims.

    Sir Cyril Smith MBE has been malingering on sick notes for some months. And PR Paul Rowen MP - the Million Pound drain on the nation - is in many ways the last man standing from the Lib Dem's Rochdale dream team.

    Adam "The Power" Power is still at large. As is John "Caravan of Love" Swarbrick.

    Perm two from four? Or remove Snapper and Wellyboot from the running tally? Take all the other four down? Only time will tell.

    For all the libdemology and smearology - targeted at Labour, Tory, Green, everyone - using Hennigan's "Positive Campaigning" Blueprint, faced only with a few banana blow jobs and clever infantalisation, PR Paul Rowen MP is now toddling back on his heels. Nursing a lucky 400 majority. Built largely on some third party anti-semitism.

    Against the odds perhaps, it's plain speaking Simon Danczuk - Labour's prospective parliamentary MP and a worthy champion for bedraggled Rochdale - For! The! Win!


    Dave H's ball juggling said...

    Ah - the "N" word...

    The older "klansmen" within Rochdale Lib Dems don't have time for that sort in their refurbised Drake Street drinking club.

    Unless of course they are holding a tray with a G&T on it.

    And as for the other "sort" - for some Rochdale Lib Dems they seem only fit for serving kebabs or taxi driving to the offy.

    Plus of course a bit of furtive Jew bashing if it gets votes in certain areas.

    Tokenism is a problem with the Lib Dems nationally. Although they suggest thet are the "nice" party - there is a monopoly in white folk in power. Incredibly, probably more diversity in the BNP top brass.

    Which leads us back to Norman Smith as some of his "old fashioned" attitudes to "coloureds" and "mohammedans".

    Facebook peek a boo said...
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    Facebook peek a boo said...

    Adam Power is a Facebook fan of... Bus Wankers.

    Is that offical Rochdale Lib Dem transport policy?

    Brings a whole new meaning to Paul Rowen's ghost written articles for "Transport Matters"???!!!

    cruising along the number 17 said...

    Does that mean Adam doesn't like poor people who use public transport or is he promoting a risque lifestyle choice?

    Paul Rowen's "agent" and an interest in "bus wankers" - this could come to a sticky end...

    Chill out said...

    you will have to watch your self Chris. Dave Hennigan is bleating about "smear sites" that apparently are attacking Alan Taylor, Greg Couzens, Denis Whittle, Mo Sharif etc.

    You know, the ones that the Lib Dems themselves have either sacked, de-selected or not supported.

    He has a lot of time on his hands and is spending a fair amount on t'intenet MyBooking and FaceSpacing.

    Chris Paul said...

    On the N word .. to be fair Agatha Christie's people seem to have changed the name real quick. TLN 1939 (artwork, left) and ATTWN (1940). Though I do seem to remember seeing later editions in p-back with both titles and the latter title always has the backstory.

    The interesting thing as far as the Rochdale Lib Dem goes is that all of them including the overall perpetrator ended up deceased.

    Anonymous said...

    The buidling on the second cover looks *remarkably* like the Drake Street den of iniquity Chris. And is that the long arm of Sir Cyril Smith - somethingly lost his appetite - gracing them with his "CHIDEASS" touch?

    Porn-online: Proper journalism and fair comment said...

    Porn-O's website is a hoot at the moment. A sort of home for bedraggled weirdos, neer'do wells, wrong-uns and folk with too much time on their hands.

    It good that those who do work have understanding bosses that let them spend so much time on idle gossip.

    As for the news - give that man the Herman Goering prize for innappropriate headlines...

    "Holocaust Memorial Day Celebration"?


    Sick fuckers.

    In vino veritas Dave. said...

    Well, with Cllr Jean Jeanie's mate "Charlie" and other Maiden of the White Motherland "Molly Dolly" seem to have a lot in common with the older Rochdale "liberal" klansfolk.

    When well oiled, Dave has had his moments.

    Anonymous said...

    Porn-o must read your "smear site" Chris.

    There was a swift correction of the Holocaust "celebration" headline.

    Word on the street is that the ever changing forum pages are still being cached to demonstrate the bias and malice of Rochdale Online in the publication of lies about the Labour PPC for Rochdale.

    No wonder the Conservative PPC won't entertain the sad world of Porno-o's cyber hareem.

    Chris Paul said...

    One of these days there could be some cash for that cash! Not from me I might add. But cachet certainly.

    The Porn-O operation is in effect cross-subsidised by Paul Rowen using taxpayers' money. I cannot say it plainer than that. And Rowen gets an easy ride from a man - who despite his own er liberal tendancies - is supposed to be a dyed in the wool adherent of a different political creed.

    It's laughably obvious that our money, tax money is protecting Rowen and bringing harm to other democratic parties.

    It is LAUGHABLE that Rowen's judgement is so poor that he got into such an unscrupulous arrangement.

    It is also LAUGHABLE that he is in a bizarre rent daisy chain over Drake Street.

    It is also LAUGHABLE that Rowen has maintained a visible PAID business arrangement with property developers and rentiers and speculators active in the town he supposedly represents.

    Whatever these Labour dissidents may feel about XY and Z they should be 100% committed to removing Rowen from office and the Lib Dems from their filthy and ineffective control of the town. IMO.

    Chris Paul said...

    Cash for that cache I meant!

    Anonymous said...

    Your advice will fall on deaf ears Chris.

    This spat appears to be the result of a couple of bitter ex-employees and an ex-wife out on an obsessive vendetta. Jumped on by a few others who have usually been on the Militant fringe of politics (and reality).

    Exploited by those purveyors of postive politics the Fib Dems and their odd little buddies.

    Piss and vinegar that ordinary people dismiss as nonsense though it could give Paul Rowen a false sense of security.

    Rowen's banana republic said...

    "Conviction politician" John Heyworth is working himself up into a frenzy.

    Very illiberal refererences to "mistresses". Is that official Rochdale Lib Dem policy when referring to relationships that have not been sanctified by marriage?

    Incredible morality coming from a convicted sex offender. Where has all tis respect for marriage come from - especially as his particular unlawful prediliction- girls under the age of 16 - cannot get married.

    Just in case Porn-o takes the forum comment down, here is what John Heyworth wrote:

    "Pauls staff are all politically astute people with their fingers on the pulse of both the local and national scene. They are active and hard working for a cause and a person they believe in. They work not only for Pauls benefit but the greater good of the town.
    None of these qualities can be said of Danczuk, he works for himself and the greater good of himself. He believes in whatever he's instructed to believe in by his Party masters(& Mistresses). His idea of national political issues centres around the price and consumption of fruit."

    Deeplish lad said...

    Porn-o's Rochdale Online is now offeeing another service...

    Laptop (dancing) repairs!

    Christ- do people really want Malcolm rooting through their hard drive. The man has form for breaking protocols and privacy of customers and forum users.

    Private data, passwords, annonymity - based on past experiences from local people - forget it.

    silver bob said...

    this has never been about politics with the crazies. Just good old fashioned fun and destruction.

    Any excuse.

    Lorna, Simon - it doesn't matter to them - its just something to talk about over a pint or five.

    Anonymous said...

    And that's why politics is so morally bankrupt in Rochdale.

    Bitter idiots bullying their way around the CLP, determined to reduce everything to a brainless, drunken argument.

    Hollinrake, Burke, Coats, Brass-neck, Heyworth, Hennigan, Swarbrick, Power, Rowen.

    Nowt between any one of them. Sick, sick puppies.

    Get Real said...

    Did anyone turn up for the "trade union" event last night in Rochdale?

    Steve Burke gnashing his teeth, Phil Gilligan with a notebook and Adam Power in cunning disguise (woolly hat, false moustash and Billy Bragg badge).

    Dave Hennigan hidden round the back surrounded by empties?

    strongbow and chips said...

    so, were the takings up at the Catholic Club last night?

    Rumour is that not many turned up to the "trade union" meeting. Did they all know all the words to the Internationale?

    No doubt they will start sprounting more lies and smears soon. Unless they realise no one is bothering to listen to them anymore.

    Oh dear, Simon has very few supporters. said...

    Well more turned up than to the last Rochdale Clp meeting. Far bigger room collection too. And yes we had Labour Party members there too, as well as many different union reps.

    Catholic Club very happy with the extra custom and takings, hence the free use of room. No incidents of domestic violence or road traffic violations from anyone at the meeting, you see some of us can have a drink and behave.

    Oh yes Danczuk is really heading for victory,ha,ha. At least 5,000 votes defeat for him I will wager.

    We will leave the lies and smears to Simon and his very small group of supporters.

    No vision 21 no sugar daddy said...

    Dumfuk will not be smiling when him and his cronies lose at the ballot box.

    All those leaflets going through every door in Rochdale showing that he tells lies about his family and his mistress and his business dealings.

    The bent bastards will rule the day they ever tried to take over the real Rochdale Labour Party.

    Anonymous said...

    Jack Brassington is one sick dog. This whole group of fools has nothing to do with politics.

    They're just bitter misogynists.

    All this talk of mistresses...why doesn't Brassington look around the room at his fellow colleagues when they next meet up at the Catholic Club and chalk up the multiple affairs, brushes with the police and longstanding sex offences that everyone in Rochdale politics knows about?

    Rank hypocrisy. Who are these mad fools trying to hound a young pregnant woman? Where do they get off? They're like a sick lynch mob.

    They haven't one single principle between them. Drunken, bigoted, sexist bullies the lot of em. And roping poor Maureen into their stupid smear campaigns too. Shameful.

    Look at yourselves in the mirror. You lot are not nice people.

    Tom Stott standing in Balderstone is a pathetic idea. He'll get hammered. Everyone knows Tom is a fool that's why he keeps losing elections and losing jobs.


    where has all the vodka gone? said...

    Matt and Stefan, you can keep trying to stir, LIE and smear as much as you want.

    We won't fall for your PATHETIC tactics.

    Simon is not only a dimchuck he is also desperate.

    Anonymous said...

    Stefan will lose.

    Nuff said ;-P

    Anonymous said...

    The dirty dozen spend a lot of time discussing matters with their newfound Lib Dem friend, John Heyworth. The very same John Heyworth that is a convicted sex offender. Their cozy little Rochdale Online chats suggests Mark Hollinrake is especially intimate with him.

    I wonder if Mick Coats is very comfortable with all this?

    He must realise how pathetic they all look. Raging like a bunch of bigoted woman haters at a young pregnant woman while doing dirty deals in the background with a Lib Dem sex offender.

    It's all looking grubbier and more sordid by the day.

    Sugar Daddy can't give any sugar to weeping mistress. said...

    There you go again with the LIES and SMEARS anom 12:00,or is it Simple Si,Benefit Stef, Prat Matt, Weeping "Andrea Shaw" or even vodka Andy.

    None of us have seen that woman never mind rage at her. And lets get this right, SHE is the one that's been slagging off and lying about us. She also claimed to be a strong indepependent political woman(sic)! So if she can't stand the heat she should get out of the kitchen.

    We have had NO conversations with any Libs. We have made it clear we will be campaigning against them for proper/decent Labour candidates in H+M. So stop saying we do. We will also campaign against scum bag Simon, Stefan and others who lied and smeared the Rochdale 7.

    Oh yes you might as well stop the divide and rule tactics with us, it won't work. The 7 and supporters are all in agreement with what's happening. You worry about the thousands Simon is going to lose by, and the 4th place that Red Light Stefan is going to finish in. WE HAVE NOWT TO LOSE!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hollinrake, what are you talking about?

    "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen?"

    Is this the thinking behind your beer-swilling bigoted, bullying view? Karen is not standing for election in case you haven't realised yet. So why should she be subject to your vile abuse?

    Get a grip you sexist pigs.

    And it's well documented all over Rochdale Online that you're doing deals with the Lib Dems. Hollinrake is even talking about getting leaflets sent over to John Heyworth.

    Dave Hennigan is hardly keeping quiet about it either. Nor is Dale. We all know what deals have been cut in Balderstone.

    Everyone knows your grubby plans. Real Labour my arse.

    The BNP have more principles than you lot.

    At least they don't try and smear young pregnant women.

    Poor Sugar Daddy is hiding behing pregnant crying actress! said...

    Ha,Ha,Ha that rant was funny. We know "Andrea" is not standing anywhere. She is still a very vindictive lying person, who obviously can give the shit out but not take it. Lets see, is she the girl "who cried wolf", or the one who reported to Daddy and Mummy she had been beaten up?

    You think you know our plans? HA,HA. Even if you did you would'nt be able to do anything about it. I will spell out our plans for you THICKO. We will do everything and anything possible to stop SD, SC and anyone else who is in with SD. You keep believing everything we say on Rochdale On-line. Our leaflets are being payed for £19 per thousand by a LOCAL firm of printers.

    As for drinking. Well Simple Simon, Red light Stefan and Vodka Andy drink well more than any of us lot AND then break the law and committ vile acts like making abusive phone calls, and running red lights and "fighting".

    Finally again. WE HAVE NOWT TO LOSE, you lot have election defeat coming.

    No principals no vision 21 said...

    What sort of independant woman beocmes a mistress and sponges off sugar daddy? Then there are crocodile tears when she can't win simple arguments. Boo hoo, stupid cow. Then goes off and peels an onion for the photograph with simple Simon and story about being bullied. PATHETIC.

    We will destroy Simon and our locally printed leaflets will tell everyone in Rochdale what sort of man he is.

    Simon Dumfuk has gone no proper Labour supporters in Rochdale - he has to bribe people like Red Light Stefan to make it look he has got anything like a team around him.

    We will support PROPER, decent Labour politicians in H&M. Jim Dobbin and Colin Lambert know the score and see Dumfuk for what he is.

    When he loses on May 6th where will he go then? To visit his call centre in EGYPT?

    Get Real said...

    all this because Kinnock took a pop at Derek Hatton and Militant at the Brighton conference, then a young Tony Blair got rid of Clause IV.

    The Rochdale dirty dozen are still fighting battles from 2 decades ago.

    No wonder Rochdale is so backward and the old CLP was seen as a joke.

    A bunch of drunken white men. Bitter and angry. Very attractive to the elctorate.

    Red Robbo said...

    Tom Stott is very respected. Rochdale Lib Dems love him - by default and cock-up he has helped them gain power and stay there for years.

    For the price of little more than a pint it slipped out that the DLP website was easy to access. An agreived Tom and an angry Steve Burke had loose lips. Hennigan and Power did the rest. The 1 column inch in the Daily Express about a Millband is now legendary in hacking circles.

    For such a "decent" man Tom is full of tricks. Obviously he would never do anything to damage the Labour Party. Does no-one remember the bad old days of Militant and Dickie Farnell?

    The "Rochdale 7" are a legend in their own lunchtimes. Beer soaked and boring. They are the Austin Allegro of politics- unreliable, smoky, expensive on fluids, leaky, unpopular and what helped make Britain a joke in the early 1980's.

    LP United said...

    It is better to be up front and honest about support for Jim Dobbin rather than a tory like Duckworth who supports Dimchuk by the back door.

    Poor Stefan, will not be getting a job off Sugar Daddy, and weeping actress will not get any sugar. said...

    anom 01 February, 2010 09:02 and
    anom 01 February, 2010 12:50.

    Calm down and take your tablets-ha,ha.

    Keep spreading the smears, telling the LIES, and TALES, you might believe them yourselves but no-one else does you fool/s.

    Simple really we don't care what you say about us, you can do no harm to us, it's not us up for election, we don't have to put up with you lot anymore.

    Quite simply the more of this you throw at us, the more we will enjoy our revenge, the more we will enjoy the defeat of Sugar Daddy and his very few followers.

    And the more we will be determined to tell the people of Rochdale about the real SD,SC and co. IT'S NOT US THAT's TRYING TO GET ELECTED, and basing our future employment on.

    Poor Stefan, will not be getting a job off Sugar Daddy, and weeping actress will not get any sugar. said...

    Should have said,Red Robbo and Get real.

    Magnificent 7 sisters said...

    One of the "Dirty Douzen" telling "Red Robbo" off.

    That's a first for the Militant Tendancy.

    The Coalition of the Angry, Bitter and Confused must be falling apart like an Austin Allegro.

    If you want to "destroy" something then go after the BNP you tits, or join a World of Warcraft gaming group you sad muppets.

    Sugar Daddy and Red light Stefan heading for record low Labour votes. said...

    HA,HA,HA.Cholwecka is the one who played a part in encouraging people not to vote at all in the Euro elections on Facebook.BNP did well out of people not voting at all.I bet you have never been on any anti fascist action you keyboard warrior.

    We are not Miltant, mind you far better was Militant than the pathetic Link organisation of Stefan's.

    We are very united,just you wait and see.

    Diane Brassington-Nut said...

    United- yes, with Dave Hennigan, John Swarbrick and John Heyworth.

    Yuk- the very thought makes my skin crawl.

    Billy no-mates Sugar Daddy, no-hope, no policies. said...

    Keep telling you Keyboard warrior, we have nowt to do with the Libs, though you can carry on believing it if you want. How much of the £15000 does benefit cheat Stefan still owe to the DSS?

    Anonymous said...

    The Liberal Democrats are strong in Rochdale because they have strong grassroots support and they are NOT in all-out internal warfare like the Rochdale Labour Party.

    The self-proclaimed Rochdale 7 say they support Jim Dobbin and go out leafletting for him in Heywood and Middleton. But who within their midst couldn't keep quiet about the fact that Colin Lambert see himself as the natural uncontested heir to Jim's seat - one that Jim may be retiring from VERY SOON?

    Can someone not hold their drink?

    At least there was a full and democratic election process that chose the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Heywood and Middleton.

    With the boundary changes and the devious goings-on with Dancuzk, Chowleowka, the self-proclaimed Rochdale 7 and Colin Lambert then the H+M result could be a suprise result.

    people in the borough are not stupid - the see Labour for what they are, a bunch of in-fighting idiots who are stuck in the past fighting a class war and try to have it both ways. People see the mess Gordon Brown has made of Britian and remember the mess decades of Labour rule made of Rochdale. Jim Dobbin was leader of the Labour Party in the council for some of that time and now Colin (the heir apparent) Lambert tries to keep together a small rump of socialist fools.

    Anonymous said...

    Swarbrick you are talking out of your arse. You didn't mind taking photos of Rochdale Labour Club when there was dissent wriiten on the front walls about Dimchuck.

    Anonymous said...

    Swarbrick that was the biggest load of wind and piss EVER written. None of the 7 have ever talked about Jim's sucessor. No-one knows when Jim will stand down. When he does the Heywood and Middleton CLP will have a FULL selection contest.

    The Lib Dems are split as well. A decent councillor being de-selected becuase she does not belong to a particular ethnic group, not because of her competence, or lack of, but because of RACISM!

    The 7 will be part of Jim's victory in H+M, and also Sugar Daddy's defeat in Rochdale. We despice you as much, as SD and his bent bunch. When SD and co have pissed off, we will be part of a resurgence of Labour in Rochdale and throughout the borough to get rid of the rubbish that run the town hall now.

    Anonymous said...


    Morris Marina said...

    No, ICELAND, then a few pints of cider at Witherspoons.

    Home Thoughts said...

    Oh grow up Mark. Whilst we are grateful for all your help in making sure Lib Dems keep their seats at the coming election that doesn't give you the right to throw out unfounded insults and threats. Save your anger for attacking SD and SC.

    Although we photographed the grafitti on the front wall of the Labour Party office you know that Rochdale Lib Dems did not daub the messages on the wall.

    But thanks for the tip off on the day the poem about SD was painted.

    Anonymous said...

    Very clever SD/SC/MB for trying to make out that last post was by Home Truths/John Swarbrick.

    I'm a lumber-Jack Brassington said...

    After a long hard day doing manly things, I like nothing more than having a long, hot bath, shaving my legs then slipping into a tight fitting cashmere sweater, tight pencil skirt and red high heels. The transformation is almost complete when I put on my most favourite, luscious lipstick.

    Then I am ready to turn on the computer and face my public.

    Dinut- Dianne Nuttall has entered the room.

    There Broken Britain said...

    Malcolm Porn-o's one handed journalism standards are falling to new lows.

    Take the first line of this gem on Rochdale Online "news"-

    "Rochdale Mayfield have proven there excellence once more..."

    There excellence in what? Grammer or speeling?