Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cons' Mudslinger in Chief Dale: Continues to Make Pratt of Himself

The renowned cyber-bully Iain "Bully For You" Dale - a many times over tried and found wanting idiot, whose hateful and ridiculous libels The Daily Mail lost at least one of their black shirts to Tom Watson MP, after a day and night of relentless smearage and libel of himself and Gordon Brown - has gone and posted the above mash up which he claims is from Taiwanese TV. It's hardly Newsnight now is it Iain? It's in YouTube context with some links HERE

It's not even GUY TV standard, and that really is saying something. The supposed bullying incidents in this obscure VT actually seem to involve a Dave Cameron look-a-likey, possibly Andy Amnesia Coulson - the bin-diving, phone-bugging, staff-terrorising bully and Tory chief communications expert.

During the VT you will see amongst other less remarkable, rather quotidian incidents, the following satirical reconstructions:

  • A fist fight in a corridor, possibly repeated for effect, otherwise extensive;
  • A cowering secretary who's been thrown to the ground;
  • That old familiar "one of our computers is missing" apocrypha

  • The first is absolutely and comprehensively denied by all concerned. Unless Iain Dale can prove this took place he's skating on thin ice by asserting through his commendation of this satire as factual TV coverage in another country that it is true.

    The second goes rather further than even the most obnoxious shitty conblogger or contweeter or tabloidist - not even Dale before now (image connected with Bloggerheads and An Englishman's Castle bants of 2007) - has suggested. Whereas the supposedly concerning story is of Gordon guiding someone out of a chair and taking over at a keyboard to speed things up. Which is not I'd have thought an unusual scenario in offices and work places and political committee rooms across the land.

    Two days ago in fact a man I was interviewing took my laptop computer from me and attempted to complete the quiz himself. I had to get it back immediately. But similar, no? He thought (quite wrongly in this case) that he could complete the survey faster on his own.

    He was ex-Gallup and at the Gallop.

    The satirical animated video sequence from "Taiwanese TV" shows a secretary sprawled on the floor with the Dave Cameron looky-likey taking over at the computer. An outrageous exaggerated caricature for a satirist in Hong Kong, but a deeply disturbing libel-ish publication from a would-be repeat Tory PPC and the inventor of blogging.

    Then there's that damaged computer nonsense. For goodness sake! Office equipment does get damaged by frustrated workers from time to time, also knocked or pulled off desks in accidents, and in real life things get thrown to the ground or across the room all the time. At one of my old schools we had a French teacher called Dave "Polly" Flinders who would throw chalk and occasionally board dusters AT sleeping or chattering Francophobes. I'd imagine that super-dozey accident-prone Shadow Home Secretary felt Polly's pseudo ire and whistling chalk from time to time.

    [digression]Given the meme du jour any damaged office equipment would get put down to Gordon now wouldn't it? Like the skateboarding kids down the road smashed their mum's flower pot and blamed my dogs for it. She still glares at me to this day that one.

    Perhaps one day the kids will have the guts to own up. Or Mum will have a revelation about centres of gravity and realise that a large dog (centre of gravity 24" plus off the floor) could not crack a pot at 4" above the ground. Whereas a loaded skateboard - effective centre of gravity 4" off the ground might well do so. But I digress.

    From the Apple Daily crew in Hong Kong this is all just knockabout nonsense. Digital chip wrappings, here today usurped by other tosh tomorrow. It is rather like a Beau Bo D'or effort, though frankly of very much poorer production values. But for Dale it's a momentous piece of significant global reputation busting. When the deluded Iain Dale passes it off as "Taiwanese TV" and as serious, we have a bit of a problem, we really do. Someone might even believe the chump. They have before. And paid out fortunes.

    For the time being anyway Gordon Brown is having the last laugh of course. Whereas the self-caricaturing Eric Pickles MP and the likes of Dorries-apologist Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home were running around in the wee small hours rejoicing in a 12% poll lead, supposedly over PrattGate - at which I suggested that even if t'were true would soon be 5% as the true facts emerged - the YouGov/Sun Tory lead this morning is actually 6% and well on the way through the floor.

    Cameron on Tower Block of Commons, smarming over what "weed" au fait Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P recently scurrilously portrayed in the Mirror as a downers-to-sleep and slenderising uppers addict, how ridiculous - repeatedly tweeted as a "stoner" - shown last night - will not help his personal rating one little bit as the NBD Mum-P story is eventually told in full. Here's some Foundation Studies.

    Mud sticks. But Gordon Brown is now showing some splendid Teflon tendancies that Tony would be proud of. And actually it's the armour of righteousness rather than the seven shades of tenth dan weaseltongue. Whereas the splashback on the loathsome Tory bullies is beginning to look like a mudslide.

    Particularly when the fuller dimensions of the Tory apparatchik, dodgy charity supremo, money-grubbing consultant and dismissed-for-bullying Christine Pratt (above) see the light of day. At the link CP (no relation) loses an Employment Appeal Tribunal and her erstwhile employers - a Japanese multinational - are found spotless in getting rid of bad rubbish.

    This was over attempted bullying of her bosses and all round uncooperativeness. In a synchronistic tie-in with Mr Dale's Far East tomfoolery Mrs Pratt was found to have mocked a mortified Japanese manager for his command of the English language among her other difficulties with fitting in. There is also a link to today's Mail, mea maxima culpa, in which Mrs Pratt's serial tribunery is laid out in grizzly detail.

    This is not just a case of some gobby woman having her fair share of knockers and naysayers. This is a right royal piece-of-work.

    FOOTNOTE: At the time of writing LOL have submitted three comments on the Iain Dale blogpost, linked above. The first at least was suppressed without explanation. Wonder if there'll be a change of heart once he has some sockies lined up to give me a jolly good virtual kicking?


    Anonymous said...

    Poor Sir Iain, still not got over failing at SW Surrey, or wherever Lord Howe's old seat was, and regretting not applying for the less salubrious Spelthorne . . . (which includes Staines)

    I suppose Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes, would be a link Sir Iain would regret maintaining . . having so long been No 2 to him.

    Chris Paul said...

    Dale may yet get a seat though. Don't write him off. Terrible logic and honesty by-pass yes. Just the sort of by-pass that the people of Woburn for example seem to cherish!

    Yozza said...

    the media doesn't appear to be interested in the bullying story now Pratt and her Bullying Helpline have had their credibilty wrecked.Funny That.

    As for Dale-as a Labour supporter I am praying to God he becomes a Tory MP.Just imagine the endless gaffes for Labour to exploit.The man is an unmitiged tit.

    Anonymous said...

    BBC have anounced that Max Clifford is representing Mrs. Pratt.
    Has he read your posts do you think?
    He should!

    Chris Paul said...

    Max Clifford represents all sorts I've heard! Where there's muck there's brass. He's actually been representing some of the Dorries connections too. Though the papers with whom the deals are done are having trouble with missing persons.

    Christine Pratt had a number of handsome ET settlements I believe, until hitting the buffers over her apparent boss-bullying and second language boss jeering nonsense.

    Now as she employs herself and her business and its signposter charity both seem to be a bit troubled she perhaps needs to look elsewhere.

    benchilltory said...

    2 mentions on political betting tonite
    Speaking of mad people, Labour blogger Chris Paul (he of Labour of Love) had a most amusing letter in the Evening Standard today - still peddling the line that the anti-bullying charity was some sort of elaborate Tory front to smear precious Gordon. All very amusing.
    182 - ‘Speaking of mad people, Labour blogger Chris Paul (he of Labour of Love) had a most amusing letter in the Evening Standard today’

    Was it written in his usual strange prose style, or had the Standard’s letter editor tidied it up?