Monday, February 01, 2010

Liverpool Wavertree: Luciana Berger For The Win as Media Fail

Ridiculous story and even more ridiculous headline. I think David Bartlett of the Liverpool Post and Echo has rather let the side down. What do you think?

Posting a link to a specious, unchecked and already rebutted article in the Mail on Sunday, reflecting some grumbling on the result of a hotly contested selection, with copious Lib Dem stirring opportunism? Then saying categorically that rebellion'll come to nothing? Yet running it under a journalistically horrible headline?

Time after time in the national papers and indeed in broadcast media the thin story does not back up the fat headline. Likely a proper story or two fell by the wayside and some second rate tosh was parachuted in. This happens to the best news publication. City Life once had to pull a near-the-knuckle story over legals. The printers' legals.

We lifted the text off the page and ran white space below headlines and photographs. Very effective. MSM don't do such things. The Mail ran a half-arsed non-story.

Where is the attributed comment from the candidate? Or the investigation of the views of the majority of the local party? Any word from the local Liverpool Wavertree people that actually picked the breath of fresh air that is Luciana Berger (right) as their candidate?

There's no reason to let this sensationalist, feeble, misleading nonsense from the likes of the Mail on Sunday, The Sun and The Daily Express trickle down to the regional and local media. Let's have honest headlines please. Lines that relate to the story that follows perhaps? The Post and Echo used:

More bad news for Luciana Berger and Labour in Liverpool Wavertree

Whereas the story indicated:

Liverpool Wavertree: Luciana Berger for the win, as Mail on Sunday smears fail, yet again

The Mail on Sunday is hardly the oracle. With Lib Dem rat boys whispering in their ear, even worse. And what is more the idea that someone who happens to know XY or Z, or not, or be their friend cannot thereafter get a fair shake from the national and regional media is in any case .. a right let down. It's lazy. It's weak. It's nonsense.

Truth is, the forthcoming General Election will be a battle royal between Labour and the Tories. Who in their right mind would vote for the all things to all people Lib Dems when the stakes are so high? Helping the Tories?

The people of Liverpool Wavertree remember the Tories last time round. And Liverpool people have also spotted the bogacious Lib Dems - including their gruesome candidate - using a Conservative style cuts and gimmicks package in virtually bankrupting their city.

Lib Dems are running barmy bar charts (left) based on their high water mark in 2005 and the notional effect of boundary changes. These show an 8% Labour margin. But since 2005 the Lib Dems have lost a dozen or two of Council seats. They've almost lost overall control. And both the City of Culture and the beginnings of the regeneration owe little to the puny regime in the Town Hall.

Game on in Liverpool Wavertree. Luciana Berger for the win! Website and Twitter Feed.


Anonymous said...

A tactic that is being used by the Tories and Lib Dems nationally- smears and innuendo plus a good measure of rabble rousing to create a story of dissent within Labour ranks.

It show's they are desperate.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Peter Kilfoyle was a Lib Dem.

Anonymous said...

As someone who voted for Luciana, I can confirm that she ran the most effective campaign, out perfomed the other candidates at the hustings and demonstrates the enthusism and energy we need to fight this seat. The conspiratory theorists are barking up the wrong tree, she is quite clearly the best candidate!