Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nadine Dorries MP, How Very Could You? Q28-33 "In A State" to "Dirty Knees"

Appeared as part of the Nuts in November series on 22 November 2009.

  • Question 28: Nadine, as we've already mentioned we're bemused that while your juvenile nursing gets bigged up your time as a Flight Attendant is completely missing from the CV. Unless that is it's the year that Central Casting CCHQ call travelling? Would that be it? "She trained as a Nurse at Warrington General from 1975 1978, before taking a year out to travel around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Russia." Flight attendants are great. Why hide this?
  • Question 29: Company Kids Limited, or whatever it was called from time to time, might be the one true success on the CV, albeit built as it is on your being head of that "Community School" of yours in Zambia, but we are wondering why BUPA apparently kicked you off their board so soon after buying the company. Was it really that bad?
  • Question 30: And was that the main BUPA board as one might think from the biogs, or just the floundering childcare company board?
  • Question 31: And did you know that BUPA have flogged this unit off again, now doing something quite different to the fantastical programme they were sold?
  • Question 32: I'm just gobsmacked that there are still references to Nadine Bargery age 33 in 2000-1 on the web, connected with your first tilt at Parliament. How could you allow that? Next you'll be pretending you were mistaken for a 17-year-old! You were at least 10 years older than 33 back then weren't you? Not like you to leave media errors uncorrected.
  • Question 33: Of course that press mistake was in connection with your Hazel Grove "she'll knock your socks off" Bargery campaign. Hazel Grove being not so far from the House of Love and en route to our "breathless dogging in the deer park" activity, where in Hazel Grove they tried to de-select you, did they not? Nine years before Elizabeth Truss survived, so did you Nadine. What was that about then?

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