Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nadine Dorries MP, How Very Could You? Q48-54; A Fool And Their Money

First appeared in the Nuts in November series on 24 November 2009.

There will be relapses. New and extra trivial questions could be asked. But we're thinking it's time to move the story along a bit. Where's the beef? The casual nepotism, the practiced CV mangling, the apparent soft selection ... these are not the beef. Here is the beef:

  • Question 48: We've asked before. But do tell us more about Paul David Dorries? Perhaps you can begin with an answer to this request. That is your Paul Dorries isn't it? We'll call it Question 48:

  • Question 49: And while we're at it we'll call this one Question 49. You must be very proud of Paul David Dorries leaving behind his Copper Mining history and retraining as an investment adviser? Presumably he did retrain and did get accreditation and a licence?:

  • Question 50: And this intriguing follow up can be Question 50. Seems he isn't actually accredited or any of that red tape pallaver? Can you help? Are these assertions about Paul's methods true do you think?

  • Question 51: Can you please confirm when Paul David Dorries first started dabbling with stocks and shares and spread betting? Did he practice with your own money before taking money in trust from others?

  • Question 52: Any idea of how much of other people's money Paul David Dorries has lost while he's been in this business?

  • Question 53: Any idea of how much of Dorries money if any Paul David Dorries has lost while he's been in this business?

  • Question 54: Any idea whether allegedly untrained, allegedly unaccredited, allegedly unlicenced spread betting and investment "friends" like Paul David Dorries get commissions and fees whatever happens to the bets?

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