Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Equality Flustration: Camera is RIGHT ON, But Camera-on is OFF

There is full analysis from Channel 4, whose scoop this was, HERE. Including this extract from the transcript:

Gay Times interview transcript:

Popplewell: "If you had taken a stance on it (homophobic law in Lithuania), then it would have sent a very clear message, and you didn't take that stance."

Cameron: "Um, well I don't – I mean the trouble is you're – I mean I'll have to go back and look at this particular – this particular law.
"I barely ever issue instructions to my MEPs to vote in this way or in that way. The MEPs have their own leader.
"They have their own group and I just don't routinely look at their voting behaviour and say 'will you do this rather than that'.
"That's not the way the party runs. I am responsible for the whip in this parliament and how we vote in this parliament, and so for instance over things like the equality regulations or whatever.
"I try to have free votes where possible on these sorts of issues.
"Sorry it's not a very good answer. I'll have to go and look at this particular vote in the European parliament.”

[Channel 4 link text] As the filmed interview draws to a close as Cameron also struggles to answer a question on whether Conservative peers would have a free vote on civil partnerships, or whether the voting would be forced by the Tory whip.

Popplewell: "Back to the UK, and the Quakers want to allow civil partnerships in their places of worship.
"At the moment that's actually illegal. There's a vote coming up. How are Conservative peers going to be voting?” (This has since been passed by the House of Lords.)

Cameron: "Well it's a free vote. There's going to be actually a Conservative front bencher Baroness Noakes, who's signed the amendment.
"I think it's an important debate this and I don't rule out changes. I think it's right there should be a free vote. It was a back bench amendment.”

Popplewell: "You said free vote. You want us to vote for you. If we vote for you – we want you to vote for us."

Cameron: "I do, I do. Do you know – can we stop for a second?


Jimmy said...


Dick the Prick said...

It's fair enough though really. At the gig he came to round here a few weeks ago one of our youth parliamentarians (oh, they're so eager & enthusiastic - bless) asked some numbnuts question about some ratification of some specious international treaty. Tumbleweeds drifted across the room but Dave just said 'err..haven't got a clue, give your name & address to one of the (rather tasty Tory Totty) lasses at the back and i'll get back to you'.

Job, I believe, done.

Chris Paul said...

Though surely not in this Gay Times interview Dick? Surely basic human equality and human rights is something he should have coherent answers on (a) in general and (b) particularly when giving a planned interview to equality press??