Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Positive Video: Lucy Powell for Manchester Withington

Little problem with the embed code or the server. Showing Lindy Looz! Oh dear. View here please. Or click on image. We'll embed the VT here when this is sorted out.

Great! Lucy Powell bucks the trend on the direct appeals for campaign support. Yes, of course there is the call for a Labour Vote to keep the Tories out. Backed up with down-to-earth yet uplifting real life examples of Change We See in our area.

Elsewhere we see the pretty horrible attack of the Tory Anthony Calvert from the Positive Cameron Party with his sub_Guido castration threat to Ed Balls (geddit?!) and the naming and shaming of my old friend Nadine Dorries Mum-P from Linda Jack. These are not repeated here.

And Nigel Farage? Hasn't got his act together! Has he even put out a leaflet yet? Don't leave it too late - You Kipper!

Heaven knows there are plenty of grounds to attack John Leech and his gang, not least their loathsome win-at-all-costs Christie Cancer Hospital Closure Hoax of 2005. But well done to Lucy for keeping things simple. Labour or the Tories will be in the box seat after May 7th. Let's make sure it's Labour. Lucy Powell FTW!

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: I'm Labour. This blog is satirical, irreverent and in a strictly personal capacity. Ditto my tweets.

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benchilltory said...

Alas and Alack poor old lucy does not stand much chance, shes drifted out to 5/1 with the bookies,Leech is nailed on to win this