Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Honest Politics:

Hurrah! The Lucy Powell page at has now been completed, with the correct embed code. Available at As LOL previously reported this contrasts with the Nadine Dorries attacking (for shame!) Linda Jack and absolute Tory bollocks talking of castrating Labour and Ed Balls (geddit?) from Anthony Calvert, calling up memories of Steven Twigg and his tatering of Michael Portillo. And (finally, what took you, you kipping?) the full on attack on John Bercow from Nigel Farage who has boasted about the humungous level of expenses and allowances he has drawn down and who employs his wife, and whose own MEPs have been an absolute disgrace: his "Ban the Bercow" being an hilarious dog-whistle play on "Ban the Burka". How we laughed!

Faced with relentlessly lying scum-bag Lib Dem opponents it is hard to be relentlessly positive we always find. We do our best. But sometimes standards do slip. But it's hats off to Lucy Powell for keeping her eye on the ball: Keeping Cameron and Osborne out of Downing Street.


benchilltory said...

i have to say that Labour always give some very entertaining moments during election campaigns.The John Prescott punch was legendary.i thought that it would never be topped until you come up with the funniest moment ever...Gordon and Elvis a classic.
Methinks Lucy will need all the help she can get

Chris Paul said...

Still not seen Gordon and Elvis. Unlike Prezza's cultured jabs this has not really punched through into legend.

libdemlurker said...

So Chris - you predicting a big Lucy win?

Anonymous said...

So chris you still predicting a big Lucy win?