Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Sports Too: Who Stands on an MP's Bins at Midnight?

One MP or someone closely impersonating the affected possibly squiffy tones of that MP was in touch with my mobile 'phone at 11:46pm on Saturday night. The 'phone was on my bedside in Manchester and succeeded in waking the house before switching over to voicemail. The MP left a strange message asking whether it was me standing on their bins.

The previous evening - about 40 minutes later - it had been the same story without the message being left. Some would call this harassment. Or question how together the individual making such calls actually was and is.

I think it's a police matter myself. As I tweeted the following morning. This MP is up to their neck in police matters. Add another? I'm not sure.

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Anonymous said...

If you're referring to that moron of a mum-p we all know and love, then this could be a very calculated move.
In the past week she's realised that simply lying and saying "I've contacted police" won't work because a) It can be verified, and b) The police wouldn't believe her without some sort of evidence.

Its not unusual for psychos to "lay the groundwork" so to speak, by putting lies into peoples heads - think about it, 6 months from now if she were to make a police complaint she could have a whole host of people saying "Oh yes, I remember that" when all they actually remember is being told it.

Not enough for a sentence etc, but perhaps enough for an injunction - which in turn would be enough for her to wave around the paper shouting "look, he's crazy, and the courts agree".

Be careful - and if it happens again, make sure you note when, where you were and who you were with!

Of course this is just conspiracy theory - she could just be that stupid.