Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heaven 17: Temptation to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Right. BBC 2. Heaven 17 post-rationalising the deep philosophical and political roots of their new, romantic, oeuvre. 30 years on. Think I have an early demo somewhere. or an original poster. Make my fortune? Perhaps not.

Stretching material. La Roux's on this piece quite a lot. And Paul Morley too. Now they're in some Sheffield club that has been re-branded 15 times in the last 30 years. Was "Penny's" then, or "Pennies" perhaps more likely. But hardly changed.

As if Rotters was still there in Manchester City Centre. Tried to run a trendy liberal world music club night there in the late 80s. "Gaumont" we called it. Didn't work. Bombed in fact. But Heaven 17 would have rammed it with one eyed haircuts and big bloused boys.

Midge Ure being contrarian at the close. Quite funny. Lampoons the name. Quite a bit. Holds thumb and forefinger close together and gestures. "They had that much talent" pauses "That much talent" pauses "Pathetic!" Ironic I'm sure.

Heaven 17. Dreams become ideals. Blah de blah. They F and blinds quite a bit. How rude. Wasn't a fan especially. Can you tell? The music business ain't fair. Not close.

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