Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just For Fun: John Leech's Achievements? What Rubbish!

Fortunately I'm not in control of the election material we're putting out in Manchester Withington on behalf of our marvelous candidate Lucy Powell in the fight to win back the hearts and souls of the people of Manchester Withington.

Obviously this is for good reason. If I knew my arse from my elbow when it comes to electoral communications I'd be - at the very least - an Executive Member in a major council, if not a Junior Minister in the government of a major country.

As it is - largely thanks to a lack of political ambition plus, once persuaded to offer myself for service, a ridiculous war, thanks Blair - I am now a simple swear blogger, a stringer for various newspapers and websites, a sometime candidate in unlikely ward contests and an apparatchnik for a world famous polling company. All interesting offers considered.

However. It must be said that if I ruled the world I'd be generally blowing Leech's shoddy lying fibbing Lib Dem material out of the water and rebutting his twaddle with an immediate and great jerk of the knee. Probably though that would just encourage him.

As a very small concession, and in a personal capacity only, just for fun, I am willing to take a look at his Postal-Vote-me-me-me leaflet with an objective eye.

Even if Leech's claims were right this would be INCREDIBLY THIN. The con-some-eh of a Sad Cafe. Achievements that a back bench councillor would expect to achieve after a year or two of bedding in. Leech was a councillor for a good few years. And then became MP. Continuing as a councillor for three years of double-dipping. He's clearly lagging reasonable expectations by years and years.

Above right is one side of the leaflet he enclosed with a covering letter in an envelope to postal voters, arriving only yesterday. I'd already voted.

Lower right is my (strictly personal, and never to be seen on paper) point by point rebuttal of his feeble achievement claims. Is that it? Goodness me! you've been a crap MP John Leech, you really have. Goodness me. Click on images to enlarge.


benchilltory said...

meltdown, collapse,third place, defeated,routed,worst result in 92 years, roll on Thursday cant wait
ho ho he he ha ha

Chris Paul said...

Righto BHT, we'll see won't we? 37 of the last 50 polls in 1992 had Major routed if you remember? He won a clear majority. About 3 am we'll have the full picture .. until then we'll fight every minute .. and no-one wants the Cameron-Osborne combination.

Good to see Mr Chris Green shaking a leg and getting some more material out in ManWit today. Albeit curious stuff. Cam's finally coming for Leech's seat. Hurrah!

benchilltory said...

indeed, good point about the opinion polls, however they have historically overestimated Labours share by 2%, you need one hell of a turnaround in the next 5 days.

on the Saturday before the election we have Gordon campaigning in the Labour heartland of the Sunderland whilst Cleggy is in Newport, that tells us all we need to know about how the election is going.

you are right to fight until the very end just make sure you are fighting in the right areas.i would have thought by now that thoughts of gaining any seats from the Lib Dems should be over and you should be switching your resources away from Withington into more vulnerable area such as Gorton.

i think that your lot may be vulnerable to the rise of the orange peril in its traditional northern areas, your middle class- graduate- public sector employed - guardian reading-tory hating-vegetarian-wine bottle recycling -adopt a third world pony- voters will turn out no matter what but not the more traditional Labour voters

one thing that puzzles me is that after Gordon had his meeting with the widow Duffy in Rochdale,when he got into his car he described the meeting with her as awful/a disaster,which is odd as i thought that in his exchanges with Mrs D he handled things very well.Your leader is a very strange chap.
tally ho and view haloo !

GaelGivet said...

God I can't wait till Thursday when John Leech demolishes Lucy Powell at the polls.

Your blog consists of some of the most nasty, negative commentary I've come across. You have absolutely nothing positive to say; zero on policy, just nastiness and personal attacks. I can't wait.

Dirty Euro said...

I just read in the telegraph on saturday a man advising the tories to go to the IMF after the election, as an excuse to abandon all their election promises.
This would be an outrage, yet the tory have enough power in the media to get away with it. Labour should challenge them now, before the election.
Will you go to the IMF immediately after as an excuse to abandon all your promises.