Monday, May 03, 2010

#LibDemFlashMob: Scores Out of Doors, #FlashDownThePan

Above is the Cambridge Lib Dem Flash Mob page as it stood with three hours to go at 12 noon. Perhaps they've gone onto to cells of two and a need-to-know basis.

If rather than "I Agree With Nick" you think "Nick Makes Me Sick". If you know in your heart of hearts that the "Cult of Nick" spells CON you may find the following statistics encouraging. Truro Lib Dems might like to convert the event to a how to you fit four Lib Dem activists in a mini gag. Two on the left. Two on the right. Natch.

The more Lib Dem activists travel for hours to one of these events the better I'd like it to be quite frank. Keeps them from under our feet. So as Ann Widdecombe might say: "Buck up you Lib Dems, buck up". Others might rhyme but be less kind.

Scores out of doors:

NEWCASTLE Flashmob: 17

LONDON Flashmob: 354

TRURO Flashmob: 4

CAMBRIDGE Flashmob: Cancelled

MANCHESTER Flashmob: 19

CARDIFF Flashmob: 12

BIRMINGHAM Flashmob: 17

GLASGOW Flashmob: 13

DERBY Flashmob: 18

BRISTOL Flashmob: 29

Comment of the Day:

Bethany Lowe
Just looked up the 'I am Spartacus' reference, and I geddit now! I hope we don't all end up crucified tho!!!


John said...

How many Labour flashmobs were there?

Adam Power said...

Was Dave Hennigan one of the unlucky 13 at the dismal Manchester flashmob?

(he of the legendary "Barefoot March"?)

or was it just another night in the pub?

Mevan said...

I think it worth pointing out that the london flashmob started with less than 5 days to go to the event, and the latest, the cambridge one, was started up the sunday before the bank holiday. And not just on the sunday but in the evening!

If we'd have had more time, the numbers would've grown for sure, cambridge is a hub of libdem activity, you only need look at the footage from Nick Cleggs visit.

Rochdale Rapper said...

but isn't the point of a flashmob to be spontanious and popular rather than planned and contrived?

Looks like the wheels are falling off the Lib Dem bandwaggon.

Fore those who ohave had the pleasure of Lib Dem maladministration we know they are mostly a bunch of shallow, corrupt, sex offending deviants who couldn't run a bath let alone anything important.

There are a few Lib Dems who aren't all of the above - just certain aspects of the above.

Chris Paul said...

Even with the caveat that seems a bit harsh Rochdale Rapper and if I knew who you were [injoke]it'd be pants down over my knee and a jolly good bare hand bare bottom spanking for you. On your seat without a paddle. But a cool sponge to ease the smarts for afters. Bliss.[/injoke eyes passim]

Flash mobs are obviously supposed to spring up in well less than a few hours as needed. Lib Dems have been bragging their asses off for months about the size of their facebook community and so on. The inability to mobilise even a dozen people in these major centres once committed is very telling indeed.

And there is a complete misunderstanding of the flash mob genre. Only the mobbers are supposed to know what's occuring. This was futile, rubbish, incompetent and failed. That's the spirit of Libdemology there in seven words.

Chris Paul said...

And no John there were no Labour flashmobs. We were out working the doorsteps. You wally.