Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ms Nadine Bargery Dorries Mum-P is on the Way Out: Doing the Fritiwick, Doing the Flitwick, Doing the Flitwick Flounce

After the General Election we'll be continuing our study of the runnings of Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P. But this hideous smearage won't wait. Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads volunteered to help out a local voluntary organisation in Flitwick who had organised a hustings for the Mid Beds contest. Tim would help by recording the event and providing a copy for the organisation to place on their own website.

He used his own name throughout the arrangements. Nadine's face is a picture when the name is announced before concluding, as you would, that because he was not the antipodean Tim Ireland "of Croydon" he must be some other antipodean "Tim Ireland". There are loads of those about the place.

Volunteer videographer Tim Ireland had gone through everything with the organiser. He would make a VT for keeps in a reasonable resolution, and stream something a bit shoddy on the internet as things proceeded. And a bit shoddy is what they got! Them t'internet people.

Just watch it. There is a show of hands, a misunderstanding or three, a muddle, a "reveal" and denouncement, and finally a Flitwick flounce. At which point I understand from third parties that Nadine only blamed and smeared me in her twitter steam of doodooness. Naturally I was supporting the Konnie Huq family and the Gordon Brown family at a Labour #gordonflashmob in Manchester.

Bursting to tell the tales of Nadine's GlaxoBabies contract. Perhaps later. If she gets re-elected Nadine will be a little pocket timebomb on Cameron's back benches. We did warn the Conservative leader. But she seems to have the poor blighter bewitched.


Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

Glad you blogged on this debarcle. Nadine Dorries' behaviour last night was absolutely disgraceful. She made a holy show of herself, made a fuss about going to another meeting and then hung around outside for another 15 minutes or so! Think she showed Flitwick and the world what we have long suspected..

Nadine Dorries must go.

Tim said...

I should point out that the agreement to provide them with footage was nowhere near as formal/established as the Chair made out, and less than half an hour old.

(For reasons that are pretty easy to guess at and quite understandable IMO; in short, the Chair tried to talk up her meeting a bit. This was a contributor to audience confusion, but not the sole reason for it.)

Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

Have to back Mr Bloggerhead up here on this. The Chair was flattered that her meeting was getting attention and publicity and readily agreed to the filming, no real questions asked.

Nadine was also quite happy flicking her hair for the camera until she realised who was doing the filming.

I repeat, Nadine Dorries must go.

benchilltory said...

leave the saintly Nadine,godess of virtue alone you Labour rat bags,go back to your constituencies and prepare for oppostion!
Tallyho and view haloo

Chris Paul said...

Just out of interest people. Were any other audio or VT recordings being made? Either pre-arranged or in sly iPhone action?? And who was the person (young woman voice) doining the denouncing about the live streaming and twitter hashtags?

Was it perchance one of the two Dorries daughters that are in Blighty at present? And was Mr Dorries on the manor too. {ic available for iD if needs be.

Chris Paul said...

pic that should say, and doing

Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

The lady shouting out about the hashtags was the same one who reported to the chair..

Just one daughter was in evidence, photo here:

Further recording inside here:

Further audio of #smokinggate pending...

Anything else? Always pleased to help..