Monday, June 07, 2010

Nadine Dorries MP: Raving Mythomaniac, Totally Unsuitable as Health Chair

Tom Watson MP has shared a letter he and I imagine other MPs have received from Nadine Dorries MP: Nadine Dorries asks for support.

Nadine you will remember joined Iain Dale and the mainstream media they both featured on and in and misinformed in repeatedly libeling Tom Watson MP. So Nadine has a nerve asking for Tom's support, even if she were otherwise remotely suitable for the post in question.

I'm going to give her begging letter a little light frisking:

June 7th, 2010

Dear Tom

I have decided to stand for the Chair of the Health Select Committee and would like to ask for your vote on Wednesday.

  • This is a quite extraordinary move from the Mum-P, even without what is about to follow

  • I have never held any front bench ambition and have been labeled a ‘rebel’; however, I prefer to regard myself as principled, which I think is an ideal quality for a Committee Chair.

  • Rebel? Don't think that's the label actually. Principled? Ha ha ha ha. Would have thought the ideal quality for a Committee Chair is having been a regular and hard-working member of any and all committees on which one sat. Nadine fails that criterion. And having experience and skill at chairing a committee. Analysing, synthesising, building consensus. Nadine fails on that too. Has she ever chaired any committees she'd like to tell us about?

  • With ten years nursing experience within the NHS, a former union member and a natural leaning to towards all health related issues; I feel I can bring a prior knowledge, passion and understanding to the Chair. As a single mother of three daughters and someone who in recent years has taken full responsibility for two terminally ill elderly relatives, I also bring practical first hand experience of what it is like to be on the receiving end, both as a patient and a carer.

  • Whoah! Whoah! and Wow!
  • "Ten years nursing experience within the NHS" - could Tom please ask Nadine to provide a list of the nursing posts held, representing ten years experience?
    LOL understand that after training - she'll surely not be counting that? - Nadine jacked in nursing immediately after her first marriage and took a job on a Greek cruise line, separated, divorced, went South with a Doctor boyfriend, split up, went to Zambia, married (or not) and started having her family with Paul David Dorries.
    There was then a further period of registration as a nurse, alongside various intriguing business ventures and property activity. Hard to see where ten years actual nursing experience within the NHS came into it.
  • "A former union member" - details please. Does Nadine simply mean being registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and its forebears? Or the RCN?
  • "As a single mother of three daughters" - eh? Splitting up, kind of splitting up, with the father of one's children when two are grown up and the third is almost grown up DOES NOT make Nadine Dorries a single mother in any normal sense of the term. Particularly when the dad continued to look after the youngest much of the time. Almost all of the time.
  • "Someone who in recent years has taken full responsibility for two terminally ill elderly relatives, I also bring practical first hand experience of what it is like to be on the receiving end, both as a patient and a carer" - this jumble of stuff begs a number of questions. What is meant by "in recent years"? And what is meant by "taken full responsibility"? I am absolutely astonished to see these matters featured in this CV in this way.

  • I have no outside interests and would commit myself fully to the role.

  • Mmmmm. Perhaps Nadine Dorries MP would like to explain her short lived involvement as a Director of The Sleepcurve Company Limited. This ended in January, having only begun mid-2009.
    The Company marketed a range of mattresses and so on, targeting anxious parents. Why did Nadine join that Board? Why did Nadine leave that Board?
  • Questions also about husband's (unlicenced) investment advice might be put. Science and or health related? Including "complementary" therapies? His spread betting trading? His investment opportunities? But we'll leave those for now.

  • However, I understand you will have concerns with regard to my standing and this email is to alleviate what I believe may be your primary concern.
    I want to provide you with my absolute, solemn word and undertaking, should I be successful, that in no way whatsoever will I use the position in order to further my campaign of the last Parliament, to reduce the upper limit at which abortion takes place.
    This is because my own personal belief in this area is beyond persuasion and I would find it very difficult to remain objective. Any report produced by a Committee which I chaired regarding any area of abortion would be weakened by my Chairmanship and subject to claims of bias, regardless of the evidence.
    My own health interests lie in the areas of maternal health, childhood obesity, mental health (particularly teenagers), depression, breast cancer and all aspects of care delivery.

  • LOL will leave this bewildering section for others to ponder and tackle. Clearly the woman is unsuitable for this role. Full stop. The only mystery to me is how Nadine Dorries MP first came to hold this "personal belief" of hers, having presented herself in 2001 as a Pro Choice candidate in Hazel Grove.

  • I also give you my word that I will attempt to ensure that all members of the committee leave party politics at the door. That the Committee works truly and wholly on behalf of the people. That we challenge thoroughly, deeply and analytically every major health policy decision brought forward by the coalition government.
    The next few years are going to bring budget cuts. David Cameron promised real term spending increases for health. I intend to help him stick to that promise.

  • This is quite simply risible. Nadine Dorries MP is vendetta woman. This beggars belief from the get go. And if she has any chairing experience whatsoever she has kept this secret. Which is strange when she is bidding to be a committee chair.

  • The structure of the new Committees will provide us with an opportunity to embrace democracy in a way which in the past has become damaged and eroded.

  • Embracing in a way which has become damaged and eroded seems unnecessary and foolish.

  • It would be my wish to ensure that every member of the committee found it an exciting, interesting and career enhancing experience and wanted to attend each sitting, rather than looking for a reason to be absent.

  • Which brings us back neatly to Nadine's own appalling attendance at the Committee's on which she was supposed to serve.

  • Quite staggering. This really is quite staggering.


    Anonymous said...

    Forget your inane and uninteresting post and instead understand these two salient points:
    1. Socialism doesn't work, and never has.
    2. The only progressive thing about the Labour party is the debt burden it creates for working and middle class people.

    Good riddance to you all!

    Tim said...

    Anonymous. Doesn't surprise me. Not a lot to be proud of in that comment.

    Nice post, Chris. Thanks for taking the time.

    Anonymous said...


    Like the last Labour Govt is anything to be proud of? Labours legacy:
    - Politics of envy
    - Constant lies to the public (WMD in Iraq etc), govt spending (the end of boom and bust)
    - The most unpopular PM in british history (Brown)
    - Bankrupting a once prosperous country by spending more than we earn and then letting the Lib/Cons and hardworking electorate try and sort out the utter mess.

    Chris Paul said...

    Well anonymous, more midnight twaddle? Why will you not put your name to your deeply held opinions? Why will you not comment on topic? Why do you and your like crop up when posts mention the lying lies of Nadine Dorries and Iain Dale? Are you one of Iain's sock puppets? Is that it?

    Or are you the very malodorous shitbag David Hennigan a bit pissed up at 12:35 am. Again. No mates and no sense? Talk about "utter mess".

    Your comments are off topic and also off truth.

    New Labour have been many miles off this politics of envy accusation you make. Been very easy on the rich as it goes.

    WMD obviously wrong claims but an astonishing degree of sustained growth and whatever you make think of the current global crisis and our little corner of it this is not the kind of depression/recession we saw under Thatcher/Major. Which is down to Labour's handling of the economy and leadership on the world stage.

    Brown is not by any stretch of the imagination the most unpopular PM in history. What rubbish! History will judge him rather differently to Murdoch's toilet paper.

    The country is not close to bankrupt. Do you even know what that means? Most households with property borrow a much higher proportion of their income and wealth than UK inc is doing.

    Nadine and her husband know a thing or two about that with a string of repossessed and distress-sold properties in their wake. Not to mention impoverished widow women taken in by Paul Dorries smarmy investment tummy rot.

    Operation Archway ahoy.

    Bringing us back to the actual topic of the post .. do you think Nadine Dorries MP is a suitable candidate for Chair of the Health Select Committees?

    Or do you think she is a busted flush? Likely to be drummed out of parliament, never mind given a post with responsibility, if and when the full extent of her shenanigans are revealed?

    She got about four or five supporters in her vindictive venndetta against the Speaker. Will she even get that many votes on Wednesday? Or will she withdraw her name as she really ought to?

    Her attendance at one of her committees was almost literally zilch. She went once and left immediately I understand. How on earth can you ignore that and instead contribute only mushy brained tosh?

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Chris,

    Rather than take my word for things, allow me to quote from the Times:

    "Fitch, which currently rates Britain’s public debt as AAA, said that Labour’s April budget had not gone far enough or fast enough to cut the deficit."

    The ratings agencies believe Labour's fiscal policies to be unsound. The country voted you lot out. I rest my case.

    Frankly I'm not qualified to comment on whether Nadine is a suitable candidate for this position and frankly don't care. The debt crisis we face is more important or severe than the inane nonsense people like you waste your time on.

    jedivid said...

    well not sure what is happening out there. But I guess the new Labour leader will not have a real understanding of work class or middle class. As all went to oxbridge and then right into politics. So none will have real life experience. Maybe we should do the apprentice sytle for the leaderhisp and let Lord Sugar pick. Would be better and much more fun. NO to rich kids get the jobs for the boys or the girls.
    Get real and get real people!!!!!!