Friday, June 04, 2010

NADINE EXCLUSIVE: Mid Beds Times/Courier Wanted to Print

But they chickened out and printed this:

Spotted, wasn't actually all that hard, by journo Dave Lee at CitizenBB's Twitpic page. Patrick Smith tweeted it early doors. At City Life it was not until our second issue in January 1984 that we made a significant typographical error, using "January 1983" on the masthead.

But we had of course made a catastrophic editorial error in the choice of the first cover story. We ran with "Kids Micros" when we had an exclusive Lennie Henry interview, a kick ass Local Jobs expose, Ice Hockey drama, and not to forget an atmospheric preview of the British Open Snooker at Warrington: "Beer-crate seats creaked ..". Having said that even the full might of the Guardian Media Group with 17 years of trying rarely if ever beat our paid for "workers' co-op (TU)" circulation.

Later, much later, we were to publish a double page spread of mostly white space as the Quality Street Gang and/or dark Freemasonry forces caused our printers to insist that the waxy body galleys were removed from the artwork, just before press time. Henceforth they ran a disclaimer and everything we asked them to run. And naturally the bare headlines and pictures of miscreants etc did their job quite nicely.

FOOTNOTE: Nadine/Carter Ruck .. this is satire. Although Nadine Dorries Mum-P is yet to provide evidence of any use of any dwelling as a "main home", at any point, other than "second home one" in Woburn. For which she re-charged the full of cheek rent and pouting costs to the taxpayer. She does not really abide in Mid Narnia, she has a seven-bedroomed Manor Farmhouse as befits the ex-Princess of the Blogs. But we feel sure it is only a matter of time before all will be revealed.

Meanwhile we have only our humour to fall back on.

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