Monday, August 30, 2010

Tell Hospital Hoaxer: Why NOT to Become a Liberal Democrat

READERS? Give us a clue! Can you help this clueless MP think of reasons NOT to join the Liberal Democrats at the moment?
He's a sensitive soul who can dish out criticism but cannot accept his lot ever make a wrong move! But let's all help him out.


Chris Paul is my mentor said...

Thanks for the hat-tip, Chris. I have just sent my form back to join and with a sizable donation.

Chris Paul said...

"Hat-tip"? Oh my goodness! This very rare misuse of the term tends to identify the sock puppet concerned.

You are Cllr Paul Ankers and I claim my £5! Whoever you are you are lying.

There is no reason to join the Lib Dems at this moment, no reason on earth. Doomed, I tell ye, doomed.

tory boys never grow up said...

We are putting an extra £2.5bn into schools - so can we presume that Leech will be resigning when it is taken away in the spending review??

"Conservative cannot win here" Have these clowns no sense of irony?

Chris Paul is my mentor said...

Unfair, unfair

The most common user and abuser of the term hat tip is Mr Christopher J Paul. So unless you are (yet again) blogging anonymously on your own blog ......

Today I have received my membership card. Cheers CJP.

Anonymous said...

"Today I have received my membership card. Cheers CJP."

Membership of what ? Shurley not the band of hope !


JLTan said...

Sounds too miraculous to believe.

Paul Ankers said...

The cheek of the LibDems!

scrapping ID cards, relinking pensions, taking nearly a million people out of taxation and they have the gall to ask people to support them!

For the record, I did recently use the phrase 'hat-tip' on this site, but I have not previously commented. I don't anonymise myself.

Rochdale Rapper said...

Word is that the old spanker - Cyril Smith is dead.

Or is that another Lib Dem hoax?

Let's hope he is still alive - best not talk ill of the dead... he still needs his day in court to face the serious criminal allegations of sexual abuse relating to vulnerable youths.