Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caption Competition: Just For Fun, What is Chris Screaming?

One of my eldest's good friends sent them this glorious sketch of your blogger out running in disco shorts with his three hounds - small tan lurcher Ottey (named after Merlene the once Jamaican now Slovakian sprinter), brindle grey Jim (renamed from the unutterable Tigger), and large tan lurcher Hooch (suits him so we left it).

But what can it be that has stopped the pack in their tracks? Led to a Munch-ie hand held scream? Eight Seven letters. Not swearing. Correctly spelt. Answers on a comment.

NB: This is just for fun though Labour of Love do of course reserve the right to provide a prize if an irresistable urge takes hold.

UPDATE Sat 16:34: It's actually eight letters and so, no, it ain't "dogging" much as this word needs rehabilitating.


Anonymous said...

Is it "spankers"?

Chris Paul said...

No anonymous and it ain't "slappers". If there's a prize you'll need to use a name to claim it .. should you hit the spot.