Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lying Leaflets: John Hospital Hoax Leech, a Vile Hypocrite

This video, taken from the Politics Show North West segment of Sunday 7 November, deserves wider distribution than it has had to date. Unlike his April appearance on the same show Mr Leech has not so far uploaded this one to his sites. Why not? Because Withington Lib Dems and Manchester Lib Dems in general - for whom Leech is the de facto leader and "brains" and tax payers' "bank" behind the operation - well they're not averse to tell big whopping porky pies and carrying out personal smears too.

In fact Leech's people have even hired the oft disgraced smearologist Dave Hennigan who Simon Danczuk's opponent Paul Rowen decided he had to let go after one two many embarrassments. His mucky fingerprints were all over the nastier elements of Leech's team's campaign, for example in Chorlton ward in May. And also I fear in their magnificently unsuccessful smearage of the same Labouur candidate in Hulme Ward on 4 November. They were comprehensively mullered into a poor third, 1000 votes behind despite NINE leaflets in a couple of weeks.

Simon Danczuk could have talked about that campaign. The Lib Dem attacks on Labour's candidate were uttery personal, utterly unfair and inaccurate and utterly hypocritical given Leech's weasel words in this clip. Simon outs him for his campaign's Christie Hospital Closure Hoax and also lands a few telling blows on Student Top Up Fees and VAT.

John Leech is a vile Hospital Hoaxer and continues his attempts to dissemble and hide absolutely vile below the belt campaigning tactics. Leaflets like the one Simon brandishes were even distributed to patients arriving for chemo- and radiotherapy sessions. Leech told them they must urgently sign his petition to save it. Utter nonsense. LDs appear to be smirking in the photo. Doctors did not submit a petition. Or say CH would close. Leech has NOT repeatedly debated. He has run away from debate. Frit!

His 2010 campaign repeatedly featured a story about a dentist - actually a Lib Dem member as well though that was never revealled - and Leech claims that he somehow secured the man's practice and funding. Early research indicates that this claim may be somethingly pushing out the boat of fibbage too. Investigation ongoing.

We'll be back to that and also to Leech's people's vile Hulme and Chorlton campaigns before too long. In the meantime please be linking to this post in your Facebook, your tweets and your blogs. Many thanks.


GaelGivet said...

'Doctors did not submit a petition'

No, but they did sign one didn't they? And that petition expressed their fears that the hospital would close if the changes to cancer services were made did it not?

Anonymous said...

Simon Danczuk complains about the use of the law in election campaigns. What a vile hypocrite.

Dave's Headhasgone said...

Oh diddums Dave. Has the grand media spin plan come crashing down around you? How dare those pesky voters not choose Paul.

Take a good look in the mirror Dave.

Stonewalled said...

Can't we hark back to the good old days when Lib Dem politicians came out with slogans such as

"Vote for Simon Hughes - The Straight choice".