Thursday, December 09, 2010

Oldham East and Saddleworth: Shortlist Development 1

So, Labour List attempted a run down of the runners and riders for the Oldham East and Saddleworth candidacy for incumbent Labour. Not sure where they got their information, but am sure some of it is seriously far-fetched. Almost like a Lib Dem policy commitment.

Following the fall out over Mr Phil Woolas' continued first childhood when it comes to applying student union manners to parliamentary elections, and that Mr Elwyn Watkins not being best pleased to be called names and all, despite his Liberal Democrat chums (8% and sinking fast YouGov/TheSun) being at it left right and centre, also porkies, and the throwback court taking Mr Watkins' part ..

Labour are due to decide on a candidate this Sunday ..

The clear front runners - also in the waiting for seat-blocker Sir Gerald Kaufman to retire stakes in Manchester Gorton - were Manchester's youngest ever/first Asian lord mayor Cllr Afzal Khan who owns a solicitor business in Oldham (based in and representing Cheetham Hill), and MCC's Executive Member for Culture n'all Cllr Mike Amesbury who was Wythenshawe-born and Yorkshire-bred, a reasonable combo for the moorside borders seat I'd have thought.

Couple of developments in the last 24 hours however.

Development one: Mike Amesbury has fetched his hat out of the three ring circus and withdrawn. This is very genuinely to spend more time with his young family. So, does this give Comrade Khan a clear run with the likes of the old-stager and aparatchik Peter Wheeler, and young gun Josh McAllister his only viable opposition? You'll have to read the next blogpost in 15 minutes time.

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