Saturday, February 05, 2011

National Identity?: It's A Red White & Blue Herring Is That

This image appeared when First Post tried to annoint Sadiq Khan as Britain's Obama and Labour's London Mayoral candidate (then a crowded field to be fair). But hey! David Cameron, our Prime Minister, has made a controversial speech in Munich of all places, welcomed by a NeoCon in the Telegraph and the at times odd Quilliam Foundation to name but two.

Not so much for Mehdi Hasan in the New Statesman. And there's this corruscating soundbite preview by Sadiq Khan speaking to The Mirror.

This rebuke for Cameron's alleged propagandising for the EDL on the day of their latest damp squib of a demo in moistened Luton was in turn rebuked by the rather ludicrous Baroness Warsi. She in turn being rebuked by the first NeoCon mentioned, one Nile Gardner, for "the debacle of Baroness Warsi’s controversial address at Leicester University" which Nile reminds us was not sanctioned by Number 10. Something of a rebuke-athon.

Political Betting ask should Sadiq have dissed the PM and his gert great dog whistle?. LOL's contribution (5) to the ensuing discussion:

National solidarity is far less important in this matter than human solidarity, what one academic/author* called “species consciousness”. National identity is a red white and blue herring.

National identity is over-rated. Being human is the thing to consider.

* writing on 18 September 2001 of the events of 11 September 2001


Anonymous said...

Is that Warsi? In flip-flops?

Chris Paul said...

Yes, that is Ms Warsi. And yes, in flip-flops and salwar kameez. Dave in stocking feet. Picture cropped to hide darning requirement. Comb over doing similar for bald pate.

Dick the Prick said...

Apparently Warsi has had her feet pulled out from under her and is distinctly personna non grata but she seems to be the bravest one amongst them. She's always been hit by the Tory right and it ain't just racism there's a helluva lot of misogyny knocking about also. I'm still giving the lass time as I used to work Dewsbury and good luck to the gal.

I know race & shit like that can seem a bit of a headline issue but these are just noises rather than office. It almost seems like diversion tactics and recommissioning grant aid to less established organisations which is fair enough.

Saddiq Khan did pretty well over grit issues last winter - sure it was a fuck up but no-one ever thought it was his fuck up and he was very clear & organized. First thing his oppo did this year was write a snotty letter to all council leaders saying 'get yer arse in gear'!!!!! Bob Neill - yeah, got my eye on him, Chris. Phoned his office about 3 months before the election asking him a perfectly standard question and got a pizza takeaway by all use it was. Unbelievable, or sadly, rather typical.