Friday, January 26, 2007

Cllr John Leech MP: "... IGNORING Chorlton Park"

[Cllr John "Two Jobs" Leech is councillor for Chorlton Park ward.]
Well, not working for any of it really. Just working for one Whalley Range resident, one long-term girlfriend, and hopefully to pay back those who lent him money for his expensive 2005 election campaign.


John said...

That's my next leaflet finished............Thanks Chris

Chris Paul said...

You're welcome John. I'll be starting on the next one then. Watch this space. There are ONLY TWO search returns from "Chorlton Park" from Manchester Lib Dems. One of these is Leech claiming to be the Councillor for the ward. The only substantive story - from July 06 - is some mixed up grandsatanding about social housing which is too important to leave to flakey Lib Dems if you ask me.