Thursday, January 25, 2007

Douglas Alexander: Up Libertarian Tory Noses

Iain Dale is upset. In a huge surprise Government Minister Douglas Alexander has spoken out for government policy on banning all car mobile use by active drivers, hand held or hands free.

There are Tory muppets placing comments mocking the lack of enforcement on the existing "no mobiles" rules and jeering. But anyone driving alone and using a mobile will surely be bang to rights as cellphone technology will allow Big Alex to know who's on the roads and the airwaves at one and the same time?

Meanwhile Iain's jeering at Douglas for having several responsibilities (Scotland and Transport and spare time campaigning) must be compared to his own job list:

1. Right of centre commentator;
2. Author;
3. Publisher;
4. Radio pundit;
5. TV presenter;
6. Blogger;
7. Wannabe MP;
8. Mobile phoning willy nilly;
9. Campaigning and hobbies.

Pot-Kettle-Black - enforceable restrictions on mobiles plus driving at a street near you, soon.


Iain Dale said...

and who gave u permission to use that pic of me?!

Chris Paul said...

Welcome Iain! LoL are very honoured. Was going to doctor it - but as I was phoning with one hand, driving with the other and blogging hands free I couldn't quite manage it ...

Anonymous said...

I got stung by you pair of sod's I,ll check in future

Chris Baldwin said...

There are libertarian Tories now? Kropotkin must be turning in his grave.

Adele said...

Chris, theres ots of libertarians in the labour party too.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Adele! I think I know that.

Sorry Anon of 7.00pm. I defer to Mr Dale whose exclusive scoop this is/was. Though I must say the combnation of cellphone technology and traffic cameras is capable of knowing who many of those on the 'phone and driving at any one time are.

Chris: Kropotkin is spinning quite a lot these days.

Anonymous said...

Lots of cameras on the M1 arent there