Wednesday, January 24, 2007

David Blunkett in The Sun: We Must Keep the Politicians in Politics

Iain Dale gives David Blunkett's £3,000 a week column in The Sun a once over today and finds he rather likes what he reads.

Support for Hilary Benn is fine, though whether HB needs or seeks DB's endorsement (or ID's for that matter) is another thing.

Iain also approves of Mr Blunkett's points about keeping politicians rather than bureaucrats in control of policy. Hear! Hear! Who wouldn't? Well in another life, all those months ago, I'm not sure Mr Blunkett would have.

Blunkett's pay off on this part of his diary is a sarcastic call for: "a self perpetuating bureacratic officialdom, where friends appoint friends" (My italics). Quite right. Doing favours for friends and family is simply not on. He concludes in his own italics: "Sadly we have already started down the road that leads to a dead end for democracy."

SADIE'S WEEK: Bemused by humans flying in windstorms but kept her biscuits down.


NUJ Member said...

We might start by keeping politicians out of journalists jobs. Paying the blunk #150,000 to write this tosh is enough to pay for 10 cub reporters working full time instead of one quite rich guy for a couple of hours moonlighting.

Adele said...

But his politics are so suited to the sun!!!!

Chris Paul said...

He's a money grubbing moonlighting nit - not without brains or nous but loses the plot too often; was way ruthless in his Sheffield CC days. Went for a drink with one of his mates' offspring (no longer a LP member) Friday before last. Was intersting to hear the insider SP.

Adele said...

You do keep good company! I was genuinely impressed when he spoke to NOLS.

Chris Paul said...

Was that at one of those NOLS rallies at Conference where even the MC was drunk as a Lord?

Adele said...

'MC' being? Tho to be fair I don't remember much from conference?!

Know he spoke at NOLS conference last year. It was about midday.